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Pete Davidson Kicked Out 2 Ariana Grande Fans from His Show for Not Laughing

Some UC Merced students have a bone to pick with the “Thank U, Next” singer’s ex-fiancé. Apparently, Pete Davidson kicked Ariana Grande fans out of his comedy show at UC Merced on February 3. The incident, which happened at a student-sponsored concert with the Saturday Night Live star, involved a student who wore an Ariana Grande T-shirt to the show and didn’t laugh at any of his jokes.

According to the Merced Sun Star, the school’s campus activities board often organizes student-only shows that are paid for through fees that students pay in addition to their tuition. One such show was with Davidson. Student Ivan Martinez won a front-row seat to the comedian’s show, where he didn’t laugh at Davidson’s jokes and found many of them tasteless. Apparently noticing this (and the fact that Martinez wore a shirt with ex-fiance on it), Davidson kicked him and his boyfriend out of his show.

“He made a child molestation joke, which I did not find funny. He called me out for, I guess, not laughing at his joke,” the cognitive science major said. “He said, ‘Why is this dude all serious?’ He kept asking me if I had anything to say.”

Apparently, Davidson called Martinez an “asshole,” which prompted Martinez’s boyfriend, Juan Aguirre, to defend him. “I said ‘This is a student show sponsored by students,’” Aguirre said. “The comedian said, ‘No, this is my show and you’re getting kicked out.’”

When the men left, Davidson reportedly flipped them off. The couple said the crowd also started cursing at them.

pete davidson Pete Davidson Kicked Out 2 Ariana Grande Fans from His Show for Not Laughing

David Becker/GC Images.

ariana grande pete davidson together Pete Davidson Kicked Out 2 Ariana Grande Fans from His Show for Not Laughing

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.

Though Martinez wore an Ariana Grande T-shirt to Davidson’s show, he said he wasn’t trying to cause a scene or start any ill will with his outfit choice. He explained that his shirt choice was simply because he’s a fan of Grande’s and because the release of her album, Thank U, Next, was days away.

Martinez is asking for a public apology. He and Aguirre want both Davidson and his school’s campus activities board to apologize. “It was like public humiliation,” Aguirre said. “We want a public apology.”

After they were thrown out of the front row, the students were offered seats in a different section of the theater but they declined.


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