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Pat McGrath Carries 'a Few Dozen' Tubes of This Lip Gloss Around With Her at All Times

Pat McGrath is basically the textbook definition of a beauty industry legend. (She’s been named a Dame, for goodness’ sake.) Her legions of fans follow her every beat, whether she’s doing a cat-eye-and-red-lips look or suggesting we all start leaning into blush. So when she casually mentioned her current obsession with one particular lip gloss shade at a recent press event, I couldn’t help but want to know more. And take notes. And write about it.

Of course, the gloss in question is from McGrath’s own eponymous line, Pat McGrath Labs. The Lust: Gloss in Bronze Venus is a glittery, glimmery warm bronze shade with pink pearlescence that McGrath has been wearing nonstop lately. 

“I’m obsessed with our Bronze Venus gloss because of the stunning and radiant color, which adds a perfect touch of warmth and elegance to my lips,” she tells Fashionista. “I love the smooth and non-sticky texture, long-lasting formula and how it enhances my natural lip color with a multi-dimensional bronze shimmer. Whether for personal use or for friends, stars and clients, it’s the versatility and radiant opulence that makes it an absolute essential. I cannot get enough, which is why I always have a few dozen hiding in my apartment and handbag.”

McGrath often stashes “a few dozen” in her bag, she says, “for myself and anyone I encounter that asks, ‘What lip gloss are you wearing?’ It’s all about being ready to share the transformative magic.” 

She adds: “At a recent wedding, I shared the Bronze Venus experience with other guests, and the response was phenomenal — I came home without a single tube. It’s that mutual moment of beauty and confidence that I cherish.”

Pat McGrath Labs Lust: Gloss in Bronze Venus, $29, available here

Photo: Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

The shade — which was inspired by “ethereal sunsets and priceless gilded treasures,” per the brand — is one McGrath turns to because it’s “universally flattering” and “can enhance a natural look or be the star of a dramatic ensemble.” 

The bronze hue is perfect for all complexions, from fair to deep,” she says. “Its warm undertones blend seamlessly, whether on its own or on top of a lipstick.” 

For McGrath, whose own brand sells more than a dozen shades of lip gloss and who no doubt has hundreds of other glosses to choose from in her kit, Bronze Venus is unmatched in its versatility: “This gloss is a chameleon. It’s equally great at home, at a casual brunch, a business meeting or a gala event.”

How does Mother McGrath wear the gloss herself? She likes it on its own, “for that exquisite shimmer and gleam, enhancing the natural beauty of my lips. It’s the perfect touch of everyday glamour.” She also suggests pairing it with a smoky eye and a sweep of blush for a full-face glam moment. 

McGrath wearing Bronze Venus at a recent Pat McGrath Labs event.

Photo: Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

Because McGrath is known for being somewhat of a makeup MacGuyver, transforming single-use formulas into all-over multi-taskers, of course she also has some tips that involve using Bronze Venus beyond the perimeter of the lips:

  1. As a highlighter: “Dab a small amount of the lip gloss onto your cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow to create a luminous and dewy highlight.” 
  2. As eye shadow: “Apply a sheer layer of the lip gloss onto your eyelids for a subtle and shimmery bronze eye look. It can add a touch of dimension and warmth to your eyes.”
  3. As a layering tool: “Depending on your preferred intensity, you can either leave the gloss as-is for a sheer wash of bronze color or apply additional layers to build up the opacity and shine. Blotting your lips lightly with a tissue between layers can help control the intensity.”

BRB, going to go find Pat and ask her for a tube.

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