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Paris Hilton Modeling a Sequin Dress in a Laundromat Is the Funniest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Paris Hilton was never irrelevant; you’re just not paying attention. The icon is still working her diva looks and attitude (as if she’d be herself without them), and I am here for it. On Thursday, Paris Hilton modeled in a laundromat, and it was the funniest (and most iconic) thing I’ve ever witnessed. TBH, I’m still not sure she knows how to work a washing machine, but she definitely still knows how to work a camera.

Let me gently remind you that Paris Hilton has a net worth of $300 million. (With that kind of cash, I wouldn’t do my own damn laundry, either!) It just makes the fact that she modeled a Willfredo Gerado sequined dress—and heart-shaped sunnies—in a laundromat so much funnier. Hilton posted a video of herself strutting in the laundromat, opening a washer door and then closing it. The action looked entirely foreign to her (see: $300 million net worth), and I think I pulled a muscle laughing. She even captioned the video “#LaundryDay.” Yeah, as if, Paris.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Hilton then posted another video (well, really just a photo with a sparkly GIF) of herself in the dress. She posed against the washing machines, which, frankly, looked completely unnatural. This time, she captioned the photo with “#Killingit at the laundromat.” If by “killing it” she meant the ensemble, then yes. If she meant looking like she actually does her own laundry, then, no. Sorry, sweetie.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

I don’t know whose idea it was to have Paris Hilton, the quintessential poster child for luxury, model in a laundromat, but I would like to personally thank them. Whether or not the irony was intentional (and I hope, for Paris Hilton’s sake, it was), the whole thing gave me a good laugh. I’ll try not to think too hard about it the next time I’m putting quarters into the washing machine in my apartment complex’s basement.


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