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North West Is "a Full Goth Girl" Now

Slowly but surely, the Kardashians’ wardrobes have been getting darker. Kourtney Kardashian has increasingly begun to channel her boyfriend, the Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, and Kim Kardashian West has only posted two Instagrams where she isn’t wearing black since late July. She’s even started dressing in black literally head to toe, obscuring her entire face with spandex and leather gimp masks while out and about and going faceless on the Met Gala red carpet. Meanwhile, her eight-year-old daughter North West is out here making them look like posers. “North is like goth—she’s into Hot Topic,” Kardashian West told Ellen DeGeneres on a new episode of her talk show.

Kim and Kourtney may simply have entered a new fashion phase, but North has apparently embraced the lifestyle. “She puts fake tattoos on her face and she listens to Black Sabbath,” Kim continued. “She’s just, like, a full goth girl.” The evidence has been hiding in plain sight: The 40-year-old mother of four has actually posted several photos of North (wearing black, obviously) with temporary tats shaped like spiders and broomsticks on her face, showing off a different one in the form of barbed wire on her arm. The eight-year-old has worn head-to-toe black before, but only in a departure from her usually brightly colored and patterned wardrobe.

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