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NikkieTutorials Is Finally Launching Her Own Beauty Brand After Fans Begged for It

Your BFF, your favorite beauty girl, one of the most genuine people in the game, is finally getting into the business herself. Nimya by NikkieTutorials is a new brand announced today by none other than Nikkie de Jager — or NikkieTutorials as you probably know her. The Dutch YouTuber has been making YouTube videos since 2008 and has collaborated with every major celebrity and beauty influencer. Fourteen years later and with almost 14 million followers, she’s launching her own brand of skincare and makeup.

“Over three years ago I thought, why not? You know, why not take a chance, why not see what I can offer to this community because I’ve been in this community for over 14 years,” says de Jager in her latest YouTube video. “This girl’s getting old. And for over 14 years I have played with literally pretty much every single product in the market. I know what I like and I especially know what I don’t like.”

She had been approached by investors for years but the timing was never right and she didn’t want outsiders involved in her brand. Finally, she and her business partner decided to figure out what’s “missing” in her routine and make those skincare products. From that, more products came out. She’s starting with just four products (well, plus a fan) to put all her love — and money — into them.

In fact, de Jager used her own money, not investors,’ to create Nimya. “I am putting myself up for a lot here and that’s maybe another reason why it took so long,” she says.

First up is the Cooling Eye Stick ($22) to de-puff and moisturize your under-eyes. Next, the Where Is All Starts Cream ($30) is a moisturizer and primer hybrid that de Jager calls her “baby.” Then you’ve got the License to Glow Serum ($37) with pineapple fruit extract and marula oil to hydrate and reduce redness. Finally, the Set It and Forget It Setting Spray ($25) for a matte finish that makes any makeup lasts — she promises. Oh, and we can’t forget about the cute Blow Before You Go Fan ($15). If you buy all four products, you’ll get the fan for free for a limited time.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

You can shop all the products on the Nimya website on September 23. (She’ll announce the time soon.) You’re going to want to set your alarm. There’s no way these aren’t going to sell out. Congrats, Nikkie!

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