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Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron Have a Sexcapade in 'A Family Affair' Trailer

— Netflix

First, Anne Hathaway was sleeping with her daughter’s favorite boy bander in The Idea of You. Now, Nicole Kidman is sleeping with her daughter’s celebrity boss in A Family Affair. Something’s in the rom-com air this year, but since everyone’s having fun—we’ll take it.

In the first trailer for A Family Affair, Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman plays mother Brooke Harwood, whose daughter, Zara, (Joey King) works as an assistant to a massive movie star and “Buzzfeed’s Hunkiest Brunette” Chris Cole (Zac Efron). Though Brooke and Chris have an age gap (not to mention Chris and Zara’s professional connection), just like in The Idea of You, they can’t control their lust for one another and several scenes of sweaty, naked romps ensue. Someone call HR!

The trailer hits every great rom-com trope, like Kathy Bates sagely saying to a self-doubting Kidman, “You get to ask yourself, ‘Who was I before I was everything to everybody else?’” Efron’s Chris pulls out all the stops for Kidman’s Brooke, who tells her horrified daughter she’s feeling things she hasn’t felt since her relationship with her father.

King’s Zara does everything in her power to break up the “gross sexcapade thing” happening between Efron and Kidman—who, lest we forget, also played lovers in the 2012’s campiest thriller The Paperboy—but naturally, silly issues like age, fame and workplace violations aren’t going to keep them apart.

A Family Affair hits Netflix June 28. Watch the trailer below:

Source: W Magazine

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