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Nick Jonas Wearing a Metallic Teal Suit Just Cleared My Acne and Paid My Student Loans

With the resurgence of The Jonas Brothers comes an influx of new Nick Jonas content—and I’m very happy about it. Not only do we get to see the classic Jo Bros back together again after so many years, but we also get to see more of the youngest member of the band: my husband-even-though-he-doesn’t-know-it Nick Jonas. The singer has always been cute, but the glow-up in his twenties has been real. And at the premiere of his new film Midway, Nick Jonas showed up looking better than any snack I’ve ever put in my mouth. Dressed in a metallic silky teal suit (Yes, you read that correctly.) the singer—and actor—simultaneously cleared my acne and paid off all my student loans. The power this man has!!

Not to make myself seem too cool, but when I was in eighth grade, I wrote a song about Nick Jonas falling in love with me. I was so intrigued by his cute boy attitude and melodious voice that I even used to write Maggie Jonas in my notebooks. (Middle school is fun, no?!) Little did I know, Nick Jonas would one day blossom into one handsome man, and I’d still be in love with him more than ten years later. Seeing the Jonas Brothers singer in a metallic teal suit is honestly just the cherry on top of a Nick Jonas sundae.

Nick Jonas

David Buchan/Shutterstock.

Ugh, the suit is just so fitted (that body!!) and shiny (my ADD kicking in!!). What more could you want in a men’s red carpet look? So many men wear the most boring ensembles on red carpets, but not our boy Nick Jonas. No, the singer comes out dressed like he means metallic business, and I am swooning. Eighth grade me truly wasn’t ready for this look, but I’m a grown-ass woman now, and I’ll take all the hot Nick Jonas outfits I can get.

Nick Jonas

Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock.


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