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Narwal’s Self-Cleaning Mop & Vacuum Robot Is a Life-Changer For People Who Hate To Clean

I’m not going to lie — when it comes to products, cleaning gadgets and electronics aren’t the categories that get me excited. Frankly, when it comes to cleaning (especially mopping and sweeping), I’m kind of lazy, so when I found out there was a robot that would do both of these dreaded chores for me, my apathy toward such devices was immediately reversed, which lead me to cover something that I normally wouldn’t consider reviewing: the all-new Narwal Robot Vacuum review. Alas, here I am, and let me tell you, I haven’t been this enthusiastic about a product — be it fashion, beauty, or lifestyle — in a hot minute.

When it comes to the robot cleaning space, the iRobot Roomba Vacuum is pretty much the gold standard — and not only because it’s the O.G. but because it truly does perform. But, while it may have put robot cleaning devices on the map, the ubiquitous Roomba is no longer the only option on offer, and while I know the Roomba has a solid and well-deserved reputation, I wanted to give this self-cleaning newcomer a test drive.

So here’s the short synopsis: Narwal’s T10 Two-In-One Automatic Robot Mop and Vacuum is utterly life-changing — I think I might love it more than boyfriend at the moment (I’m kidding, of course, but still). TBH, I was initially kind of intimidated when I opened the box — the instruction manual was rather lofty, and the size of the home base was bigger than I’d imagined (though, to be fair, it kind of has to be because it holds a water compartment for clean and wastewater, but more on that later).

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STYLECASTER | Narwal Robot Vacuum Mop Review

Courtesy of Narwal.

Buy: Narwal T10 Robot Vacuum & Mop 1,199.00

The Narwal T10 Automatic Self-Cleaning robot comes with a few different parts and accessories: the home base station which is equipped with a battery for fast charging (when I opened mine for the first time and installed everything, it only needed to be charged for about twenty minutes), the home button controls, two water tanks for mopping (one for clean water and one for waste) and smart mapping/navigation functionality. In addition, it also comes with the robot itself, which is engineered with a magnetic strip that allows the robot to automatically return to the base to charge when it’s completed its “task.”

It also comes with a mopping and a vacuuming attachment, which are both surprisingly easy to interchange. You can also add Narwal’s lightly scented detergent sheets to enhance the mopping experience, which I do recommend because, in my experience, it makes for a deeper clean.

STYLECASTER | Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop Review

Courtesy of Narwal.

Buy: Narwal T10 Robot Vacuum & Mop 1,199.00

I figured that the vacuuming function would be a little bit less puzzling to figure out, so I opted to try this function first. It was super easy to attach the sweeping attachment to the base of the robot, much to my surprise. After it’s set up properly, you simply press start on the home station, and the robot’s smart technology creates a map before working its magic. Once that’s completed, you’re good to go (or shall I say, it’s good to go since you literally don’t have to lift another finger).

Overall, this sleek little robot (it actually talks to you and provides you with updates as it cleans your house, BTW) has pretty stellar suction power. For reference, I have a black cat that’s shedding like mad at the moment, and my Narwal takes care of it like a boss. Now, I live in a small studio apartment (only about 500 square feet) and have concrete floors, so the robot moves swiftly as it sweeps, vacuums, and mops. The dust bin is super easy to remove from the robot when it fills (it will notify you when it needs to be emptied), but I would imagine for larger homes, you’d have to empty it at least twice during one session because it’s capacity is pretty small.

STYLECASTER | Narwal Robot Vacuum & Mop Review

Courtesy of Narwal.

Buy: Narwal T10 Robot Vacuum & Mop 1,199.00

Now, let’s talk about the mopping function that I’ve been swooning over all weekend long — I know, I know, who am I? So, I knew that there was a water tank in the home station base, so of course the mop would actually use water to deep clean my floors, but I wasn’t really sure exactly how the robot was going to well, get wet. Not going to lie, I’m still not totally sure how that works — all I know is that when you press the button to indicate you’d like to switch to mopping and swap out the vacuum attachment for the mopping pads, it goes into the base and comes out damp and ready to give your dirty floors a serious scrub down.

Now let’s go ahead and address is the pink elephant in the room, shall we? The Narwal T-10 Self Cleaning Robot isn’t exactly cheap and, as you probably guessed, no, I cannot afford it. For full disclosure, the brand gifted me the device for consideration — this isn’t sponsored, I just really am obsessed with it — just ask my friends. Fortunately, we’ve heard some inside rumors that this life-changing robot and house cleaner hybrid is going to be on sale for Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day, so you may want to bookmark this page. Either way, the Narwal has become my favorite thing I own, so you can bet I back it 100 percent. If you can swing it, it is SO worth every penny.

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