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Must Read: The Future of Youth Culture, an Investigation Into Brands' Clothing Take-Back Programs

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These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

Dazed Media releases trend report on youth culture
Dazed Media‘s latest trend report, Ctrl Shift, features an analysis of Gen-Z behaviors, culture and habits. It’s being released in weekly increments — six chapters, each divided into three trends — and will unpack the way in which members of Gen Z see the world around them, writes reporter Ashleigh Kane via case studies, expert insights and predictions. {Dazed}

An investigation into brands’ clothing take-back programs
In an effort to combat fashion waste, brands such as H&M and C&A have offered to take back old, unwanted clothes from customers, finds Business of Fashion‘s Sarah Kent. However, an investigation by the environmental campaign group Changing Markets Foundation discovered that the returned clothes often end up downcycled, dumped or even destroyed. {Business of Fashion/paywalled}

Could generative AI be the solution to fashion’s excess stock problems?
As global demand fluctuates and economic conditions tighten, emerging technologies such as generative AI could be the solution for the industry’s excess stock problem. This kind of technology has the potential to reshape supply chain and logistics, helping brands to improve their inventory management and operations. Vogue Business reporter Emily Seares writes that generative AI offers retailers the chance to make better use of their data, while also potentially assisting with traceability. {Vogue Business}

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