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Must Read: Kanye West Interviewed Kim Kardashian West for "Vogue" Arabia, "Glamour" Introduces the Next Generation of Supermodels

Plus, what Goop really sells women.

Kim Kardashian West on the September 2019 cover of “Vogue” Arabia. Photo: Txema Yeste 

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday.

Kanye West interviewed Kim Kardashian West for the September issue of Vogue Arabia
Kim Kardashian West is dressed by Thierry Mugler and interviewed by Kanye West for Vogue Arabia‘s September issue. “I do agree that fame can be addictive and it took me a long time to recognize how lost you can become when you put too much focus on it,” the reality star said in conversation with her husband. “Before, I was obsessed with fame, like, embarrassingly obsessed, but my focus has shifted.” {Vogue Arabia

Glamour introduces the next generation of supermodels 
For its September digital cover, Glamour spotlights five models — Senyabou Cissé, Iskra Lawrence, Alessandra Garcia Lorido, Yvonne Simone and Solange van Doorn —who represent the more body-positive and diverse fashion industry of 2019. “They’re immigrants and mixed race. They’re accidental activists and eating-disorder-awareness advocates,” writes Nicolette Mason in the cover story. “They have professional backgrounds in tech and health sciences. Together they’re ascending not just as curve models, but as supermodels for a new age.” {Glamour

Senyabou Cissé, Iskra Lawrence, Alessandra Garcia Lorido, Yvonne Simone and Solange van Doorn on the September 2019 cover of “Glamour” Photo: Danielle Levitt 

How streetwear brands can tap Gen ZGen Z consumers think of musicians as their primary influencers, and they prize event-specific merchandise like concert T-shirts. This younger demographic is also particularly taken with the aesthetics of the 1990s and early 2000s. So, if streetwear brands want to successfully tap on the generation’s collective $143 billion spending power, they’ll have to work closely with musicians and reissue archive pieces  {Vogue Business

The Next Big Thing in fashion 
The fashion industry is in constant motion, which makes it very susceptible to the notion of The Next Big Thing. And when something new comes along — from technology to a shoe style — fashion just can’t resist. WWD compiled a list of the obsessions that have consumed fashion, retail and beauty over the past two decades. E-commerce is at the top of the list, while everything from wellness to blockchain to colored denim follow closely behind. {WWD

Cannabis to make NYFW debut
Designer Korto Momolu has teamed up with Women Grow, the largest network of women in the cannabis and hemp industries, on a collection of largely hemp-based designs that she will present during New York Fashion Week. The show is slated for Sept. 7, and the designer hopes that it will bring awareness to the power of women in the cannabis industry. {WWD

What Goop really sells women
After spending $1,300 on Gwyneth Paltrow-approved Goop products and testing out each one, Amanda Mull came to the conclusion that the company “embraces one of America’s oldest health myths: that physical beauty is proof not only of a person’s health but of her essential righteousness.” With most of her Goop purchases, the joy came from selecting and acquiring things “that seemed special” and that promised positive change. “The act of buying from a business that makes you feel cared for and understood can seem like a course of treatment in and of itself,” Mull writes. But in the end, most of the vitamins and serums were nothing more than extra stuff that she didn’t need. {The Atlantic

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