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Must Read: Haute Couture Fashion Week Impacted by Paris Olympics, Gigi Hadid Fronts Miu Miu Bag Campaign

Photo: Pierre Suu/Getty Images

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday.

How Haute Couture Fashion Week is impacted by the Paris Olympics
Fashion brands are finding difficulty planning for Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week as extensive preparations are made for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Traffic — both foot and car — is to be heavily impacted with metro stations shut down and whole neighborhoods closed off due to their vicinity to sporting arenas. Travel costs continue to increase for full-service hotels, impacting the straining budgets of many brands. Finding venues is also complicated, as many have already been booked for the Olympics. {Business of Fashion/paywalled}

Gigi Hadid fronts Miu Miu bag campaign
In a new campaign lensed by Steven Meisel and featuring Gigi Hadid, Miu Miu celebrates its signature matelassé in its iconic styles Wander and Arcadie. The campaign is inspired by the work of trailblazing British photographer Yevonde, revered for its delicate use of color and playful use of contrast and saturation. {Fashionista inbox}

Miu Miu’s new 2024 bag campaign starring Gigi Hadid

Photo: Steven Meisel/Courtesy of Miu Miu

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Brands tap lawyers to deal with Matches bankruptcy problems
A host of fashion brands and suppliers have tapped in lawyers amidst Matches’ bankruptcy and administration process to receive late payments and warehouse inventory, according to WWD. No information has been given to brands regarding the inventory sold on the website. “As for the inventory on the shop floor and in the warehouse, that remains the property of the administrators, whether or not Matches has already paid for it,” WWD reported. However, legal action can’t be taken against companies placed under administration, meaning it’s likely a waiting game for creditors and brands. {WWD/paywalled}

What’s behind Gen Z’s fascination with the “old money aesthetic”?
Despite living in a time of unprecedented wealth disparities, Gen Z-ers have immersed themselves in the “old money aesthetic” phenomenon — rooted in affluent dressing, quiet luxury and preppy signifiers. For GQ, Max Berlinger reported on where the fixation stems from: Nostalgia, a defiance against trends and dressing up in a post-pandemic world all came up as factors. “I think there’s some comfort in dressing as old money,” said Avery Trufelman, host of fashion podcast “Articles of Interest.” “Not to be flippant, but it’s not new money like these guys like Elon Musk in their black T-shirts who are ruining the world… This is almost a costume for social media.” {GQ}

Taeyong fronts new Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic Fragrance campaign
Loewe launched its new Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic EDP fragrance — the first EDP scent to debut in the already-existing Paula’s Ibiza roster. (It boasts a mix of fruity, woody and ambery notes including fresh pear, juicy mango, cypress resin, vanilla and cedarwood.) The accompanying campaign stars K-pop musician Taeyong of NCT, photographed by Gray Sorrenti and creatively directed by Jonathan Anderson. {Fashionista inbox}

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic Fragrance campaign starring Taeyong

Photo: Gray Sorrenti/Courtesy of Loewe

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