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Mona Tougaard Frees the Nipple In a Completely See-Through Knit Dress

— WWD/WWD/Getty Images

It’s always fascinating to witness fashion trends take shape. Most of the time, they’re sprung upon us by a particular sect of “It” girls. Other times, they come directly from the Paris and Milan runways. And sometimes, they’re championed by the very same models who walk said runways. On Thursday, top model Mona Tougaard co-signed two of the biggest trends—sheer fabric and exposed underwear—while out in Paris.

Tougaard, a recent W Magazine cover star, stepped out to the Diner De La Mode event wearing a completely transparent knit dress. The piece featured a halter neckline, loose stitches, and an open back. The Danish model paired the maxi dress with a flesh-toned thong, Loewe handbag, and transparent jelly shoes. Glam was kept natural and very, very dewy.

Sheer dresses have been popping up everywhere recently—we have to look no further than Kylie Jenner who wore almost exclusively see-through fabric during Paris couture week. Still, the trend arguably has its roots in ‘90s when brands like Calvin Klein, Versace, and Prada provided different iterations the look. Tougaard’s outfit continues in the minimalist vein of that decade—there’s nothing that says “‘90s supermodel” more than flashing your thong while wearing a see-through maxi dress.

— Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Speaking of ‘90s supermodels, we can’t help but mention the sheer slip worn by Kate Moss in 1993 that went on to spark a movement of see-through dressing in the decades since.

— Dave Benett/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Even with the amount of discussion there has been about the staying power of certain trends, and the rise of aesthetics like the gaudy Mob Wife, sheer fabric is definitely not going anywhere. The style is high-impact and rather easy to achieve—you could likely replicate Tougaard’s dress in a few hours with a trusty pair of knitting needles.

There’s also something that clearly draws celebrities and models alike to the look, and unlike other style movements, there seems to be less restrictions in terms of how stars are approaching it. As long you’re showing some sort of skin, or better yet, flashing a peek of your underwear, all is well.

Source: W Magazine

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