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Meghan Markle’s Friend Jessica Mulroney Was ‘Suicidal’ After Her Sasha Exeter Scandal

A new interview revealed that Meghan Markle’s friend Jessica Mulroney was suicidal after being “canceled” for threatening lifestyle blogger, Sasha Exeter. The celebrity stylist, 40, spoke exclusively to The Post, and their conversation was published on Saturday, November 21 via their tabloid vertical, Page Six.

Jessica’s interview comes months after her controversy with Sasha Exeter, which led her to be fired from her role with Good Morning America, lose a network deal with CTV for her show, I Do, Redo, and endure rumors about her friendship with Meghan Markle. Now, in her interview for Page Six, the former TV host admits that she’s ashamed of her actions—if only for how they make her feel. “I still feel a lot of shame,” she told the outlet. “I feel that people believe the worst in me.”

“I had a hard time dealing with the fact that a network like CTV [and] the companies I’ve worked with for many years — and journalists, some of which were my friends — spoke with incredible authority on what they believed had happened without even contacting me,” she continued. “I think that hurt the most.” A source close to the stylist told Page Six, “Jessica has always been very open about dealing with anxiety since she was 12. But the anxiety turned into severe depression and suicidal thoughts,” with other sources revealing she had been put on “heavy antidepressants.”

Jessica also responded to comments made by Elaine Lui, a colleague of Jessica’s husband Ben Mulroney (who also quit his job amid the controversy). Lui claimed that Jessica used Meghan as a “superpower,” to which Jessica replied, “CTV would ask me to go on shows and talk about Meghan; I refused. I don’t call that a superpower. I call it protecting my friend.” According to Page Six, sources confirmed that the stylist did have a clause in her contract about not discussing the Duchess of Sussex. And despite reports that Meghan and Jessica’s friendship was on the rocks, Jessica insists Meghan “constantly FaceTimes and checks up on me.”

Speculation over the status of Jessica and Meghan’s friendship first began in June, after the Canada-native was called out for launching thinly veiled threats at lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter over Black Lives Matter content on Instagram. The influencer claimed Jessica “took offense” to a general post urging others to speak out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement after she felt like Sasha was talking about her, specifically. In a lengthy IGTV, Sasha exposed Jessica for her “textbook white privilege,” which saw her going so far as to privately threaten the influencer with a libel suit after making several public apologies. “What happened next was a series of very problematic behaviors and antics that ultimately resulted in her sending me a threat in writing,” the blogger explained.

According to Jessica, however, the exchange between her and Sasha went on for a couple of weeks before the blogger posted her video. “Sasha wrote to me directly and said ‘shaking my head,’ and I said ‘Why are you shaking your head?’ She accused me of ignoring what was going on in the world [by posting non-BLM content],” Jessica told Page Six. The stylist says that she was contractually obligated to post about her TV show, I Do, Redo, at the time, which seemingly prevented her from addressing the Black Lives Matter movement. “It’s not like I have never spoken out about racism before, especially when it comes to Meghan,” she told the outlet.

“I know I have a charmed life. I have to learn from all of this — but I am not racist,” Jessica concluded. “I just want to try to move on from this.”

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