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Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Hiss’ Music Video Spares No One

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Megan Thee Stallion is taking shots and looking great doing it. Today, the rapper released a fiery new video for her latest single, “Hiss,” just two months after dropping another snake-themed track, “Cobra,” back in October.

On her latest track, which opens with a heated monologue, Megan addresses the public scrutiny and opinions she’s faced over the past few years. She raps about her legal battle with Tory Lanez, who is now serving a ten year prison sentence for shooting her in the foot, telling people who defend him to “schedule a conjugal visit or something.”

She continues to fire off like lyrics, “I ain’t scared to dig / Any man go against me, I handle shit,” adding “I’m the Teflon Don in the court room / They be throwin’ that dirt, don’t shit stick.”

The video is equally as pointed as the song’s contents, with Megan transitioning between several different settings like some sort of capillary instillation and various screens emblazoned with her image. There’s no background dancers or extras, and it’s evident Megan prefers it that way.

— YouTube
— YouTube

Here, an extremely meta moment with nothing but some silver chains and a sheer catsuit.

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“Hiss” is Megan’s second release since she left 1501 Certified Entertainment last fall. In October, the rapper and record label reached a “confidential settlement” after a years-long legal battle over claims that the company had prevented the artist from releasing new music. It’s clear Megan is fed up, and she had no problem at all naming several names on “Hiss.”

The rapper takes some shots at her contemporaries, telling her rivals “Don’t you ever grab a mic and think that me and you competing.” An extremely pointed lyric in which she raps, “These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law,” caused quite the stir online as fans presumed it was directed towards certain rapper’s husband—we won’t elaborate over concerns of potentially sparking another Internet war, but Megan’s Law requires convicted sex offenders to publicly register within their community.

Megan rounded out her tally of disses, in between a runway of skin-baring looks, with pointed lyrics about someone that was “Dancing making R. Kelly go viral,” and men who criticize women for BBLs but have “the same scars.”

Source: W Magazine

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