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Megan Thee Stallion And Nike Take Us To Hottie Boot Camp

Has the pandemic made you feel, well, less than hot? Did your Hot Vax Summer turn out to be a part for one? If so, allow Megan Thee Stallion to help you find the pep in your step. As a new face of Nike, she’s now the Hot Girl Coach we all desperately need, guiding us through workouts and mindfulness exercises, while redefining athleticism on her terms. Even though she commands an army of Hotties, “this didn’t happen overnight,” Megan said in the promo video and tells her backstory on her way to becoming Thee Stallion we know and love.

“Growing up a young girl in Houston,” she begins, everyone had an opinion about her physique. People suggested she play basketball or volleyball because of her height, or use her powerful legs to her advantage in track. And she tried those sports, but didn’t enjoy them. “I knew I had to find my passion and do what made me happy,” Megan said — and performing became her form of athleticism.

Today, she’s a huge star, with dances and live shows that are as raucous as her attitude, but it takes a lot of work to produce her level of excellence. “Let’s see you run through 12-hours dance rehearsals,” Megan says. “Train 5 days a week. Then perform in front of 50,000 people, squatting 50% of the time.” The lesson being that “real hot girls know that no one can define us but us.”

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