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Maisie Williams Looks Better Than Anyone Should Wearing a Potato Tee

Look, when I—as Miley Cyrus so poignantly stated—hop out of the plane at LAX, I look like literal garbage. Maybe I’ve put together some semblance of a cute outfit, but if the paparazzi snagged a picture of me, no one would be writing about my Rocky Horror Picture Show t-shirt. But when you’re as iconic as Maisie Williams, your airport outfit means something. On Monday, the Game of Thrones star was seen arriving at LAX wearing a shirt with the word SPUD written across the front, and frankly, I’m jealous she looked that good wearing a potato-themed tee.

I fucking love potatoes (in every form—mashed, au gratin, baked, fried), but if my roommate saw me wearing a T-shirt that said SPUD on the front, she’d be like, “Maggie WTF?” I guess I’m not cool enough to pull it off, so I’ll just enjoy seeing Maisie Williams rock my ideal look. I mean, not only was the SPUD tee instantly iconic, but the actress paired it with black and white striped pants rimmed with…? TBH, I’m not sure what’s on the bottom of those pants. A feather duster? Shag carpet? Something from my 2004 girl group costumes? Whatever it was, it was cute AF. Plus, Williams wore leopard print Doc Martens and carried a slick black jacket, accessorizing with a bandana tied around her neck (a look I still don’t know how to pull off). The whole ensemble was an eclectic dream.

gettyimages 1090702920 Maisie Williams Looks Better Than Anyone Should Wearing a Potato Tee

SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images.

Actually, though, this outfit has inspired me to wear something balls-to-the-wall iconic the next time I fly. Maisie Williams may be a million times cooler than I am, but her LAX ensemble gives me hope that one day I’d feel confident with paparazzi shooting away as I disembark a plane. After all, in this hypothetical situation, I’ve just flown first class and had a couple glasses of champagne. (Let me dream, OK?!)


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