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Lola Leon Fully Steals the Show in 'Savage x Fenty Vol. 3'

For her second-ever runway appearance, Lola Leon went global. Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 3, the lingerie spectacular Rihanna has relentlessly teased for weeks, is finally available to stream in no less than 240 countries. It’s another major milestone for the fashion ‘It’ girl who just happens to be Madonna’s daughter. Leon’s previous 2018 runway debut only happened because she outright asked designer Rio Uribe if she could join that season’s cast of his label Gypsy Sport.

Leon makes her cameo about 10 minutes in to the 40-minute special. It takes a couple of seconds for her to appear on-screen, but there’s no question which distant figure male model Lucky Blue Smith could be so clearly ogling down the hall of Los Angeles’s Westin Bonaventure Hotel. From then on, the brief flashes back to a shirtless Smith are frankly annoying: We, too, would like to take in Leon fully and confidently delivering. The fact that she’s wearing pretty much the same outfit as the dozen or so models who preceded her, accompanying a lime green-clad Bia in a performance of “Whole Lotta Money,” barely even registers.

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