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Lily-Rose Depp Stars Alongside George MacKay in 'Wolf' Trailer

Lily-Rose Depp suffers from “species dysphoria” and believes herself to be a wildcat stuck in a woman’s body in her latest film, Wolf. The trailer for the new project dropped today following its premiere earlier this month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In Wolf, Depp stars alongside 1917s George MacKay who plays Jacob, a man who also suffers from “species dysphoria” and believes himself to be a wolf. Jacob heads to a clinic to deal with the disorder, which is where he meets Depp’s Wildcat and a relationship begins to form.

The film’s writer and director, Nathalie Biancheri, recently spoke about her inspiration for Wolf with Indie Wire. “I’m going to take the intellectual, emotional side that I find most interesting, and that is, what does it mean to feel like you belong to different skin?,” she said. “Which is obviously a very topical, and to use the dreaded word, universal feeling to explore. And, I think to a certain extent, each one of us feels it for different reasons.”

The trailer for this movie comes just a day after it was announced that Depp will costar in the The Weeknd’s upcoming project for HBO, The Idol along side the singer himself.

The Wolf will be released in theaters on December 3rd.

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