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Lady Gaga's 'LG7' Album Explained: Track List, Lyrics, Release Date

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Mother Monster is preparing her return. After teasing new music since as early as January of this year, Lady Gaga has officially announced that her seventh studio album is on the way. The singer shared the news at the end of her Gaga Chromatica Ball concert film. The words “LG7. Gaga returns” flashed over the screen, backdropped by what seems to have been a short snippet of new music. It’s unclear if she’s officially naming the album LG7, or if she’s just using internet shorthand to refer to what would be her seventh album. For now, however, we’ll take mother’s lead.

The project would mark Gaga’s first studio album since 2020’s Chromatica which spawned the single “Stupid Love” and the Ariana Grande duet “Rain on Me.” The album is set to be the cherry on top of what is already shaping up to be a busy year for Gaga. She’ll also be starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix as Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie à Deux which could very well earn the star her second Best Actress nomination at the Oscars.

“I am in the studio every single day. I have written so many songs, I’ve been producing so many songs, and it’s nothing like anything that I’ve ever made before,” Gaga said of LG7 in May. “I love to break genre, and I love to explore music. There’s something really beautiful about knowing that you will be loved no matter what you do.”

She continued, “Something I’m definitely exploring right now is sort of the art of intensity and I think that the art of intensity actually began during this tour,” she explained. “But I’m not done with it yet.”

From a potential release date to rumored collaborations, here’s everything to know about LG7, below.

What will LG7 sound like?

While Gaga has yet to provide any insight into her direction for LG7, fans are already speculating as to what the album will sound like based on the short, synth-heavy clip featured in Gaga Chromatica Ball. Many have drawn comparisons to the singer’s earlier pop-heavy work, mainly her first two albums The Fame and The Fame Monster which featured hits like “Just Dance,” “Paparazzi,” and “Bad Romance.” There are also talks that Gaga could be heading towards a more industrial, metal-influenced sound, too.

Gaga has also been veering towards more gothic looks lately, like a vintage Alexander McQueen coat, which could provide a sneak peak into the sound of LG7. But as we’ve come to learn over the years: when it comes to Gaga, expect the unexpected.

Who will feature on LG7?

No official collaborations have been publicized. However, there are rumors that LG7 will feature The Weeknd and Peggy Gou. The capacity of these collaborations is unknown, however there was a blind item earlier this year that claimed Gaga and The Weeknd were working in the studio together. Gou and Gaga have been rumored to have been working on a song for quite some time now, as far back as 2022, but the collaboration would be perfect timing given Gou’s recent surge of success.

There are also murmurs that indie pop queens Caroline Polacheck and Alison Goldfrapp are credited as writers on the album.

Are there any singles off of LG7?

No LG7 singles have been announced yet.

Does LG7 have a track list?

As of now, LG7 does not have a track list.

When will LG7 be released?

LG7 is expected to be released in late 2024 or early 2025.

Fans have speculated that the album will come out prior to Joker: Folie à Deux’s October 2024 theatrical release.

Source: W Magazine

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