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Lady Gaga’s ‘Fame Is Prison’ Tweet Was Bizarre But We Have Several Theories About Its Meaning

First off, we hope that Mother Monster is ok. After all, let’s just say we’re not 100% sure about Lady Gaga’s “fame is prison” tweet meaning—she could be suggesting that she’s in a really depressed state about her celebrity status (even though relating fame to incarceration is…questionable at best.) That said, the attempted meaning behind Lady Gaga’s tweet is probably much simpler. Fans are already starting to pour in with several explanations in their replies on Twitter. Here are some of the best potential clues:

Lady Gaga isn’t over her sudden fall offstage.

It’s totally plausible that the 33-year-old pop sensation is feeling a little shaken up after her recent incident. Last week, Lady Gaga took a crazy and unexpected fall during a concert in Las Vegas after a fan was invited on stage and managed to trip off stage with Lady Gaga in his arms. Based off the… truly exhaustive (and, dare we say hilarious,) footage of the pair falling off stage, it looks like Lady Gaga collapsed under the young man as they fell. Things smoothed over pretty quickly in the moment, however, and Ms. Germanotta was actually nothing but kind and gracious to the guy who effectively dropkicked her off into the pit. He felt terrible about the accident, and some videos taken from the concert seem to suggest he even started crying, so Lady Gaga had no choice but to come to his support.

But why might this trigger to Lady Gaga to tweet something like “fame is prison,” a few days later? Well, some suggest that she’s rethinking the safety and limitations of being a performer beholden to her fans. That doesn’t seem quite as plausible as the next theory, though.

Lady Gaga is teasing her next album.

We know that Lady Gaga has been dropping hints about her upcoming record for the past few weeks, so it only seems reasonable to suggest that her “fame is prison” tweet may just be a thematic viewpoint from her upcoming album.

After all, Gaga is really getting into this whole independence thing—she recently revealed that she’s a single lady again, and decided to dye her hair pink all of the sudden, too. So this may all just be a part of a larger phase in Gaga’s career—one where she rejects any limitations or metaphorical “prisons” in her life, in exchange for the utmost liberties.


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