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Lady Gaga Might Be In Love & The Evidence Is Pretty Convincing

Love is in the air, and in the cooking, apparently. Lady Gaga’s ‘In Love’ Instagram clue is perfection. The Oscar and Grammy winner has traveled “far from the shallow” when it comes to her love life. But her latest Instagram post could reveal that the “Bad Romance” singer has found some good romance in her life.

The A Star Is Born actress took to the social media platform to share a stunning photo. The image shows Gaga in the background, completely blurred out. She’s smelling a cream-colored rose while a bouquet of the same flower are in the foreground, with the warm glow of a candle capturing the peddles. “Italians cook with love,” the “John Wayne” singer captioned the picture with a heart emoji.

Fans and Little Monsters started flooding the post with questions, speculating whether or not Gaga was in love and who her mystery partner could be. “Are you in love?? Gaga???” one commenter came right out to ask. Then fans went right back to the rumors that Gaga and her costar and A Star Is Born director, Bradley Cooper, could be back in Gaga’s life in a romantic way. “Where’s Bradley hiding?” one follower commented. “Did Bradley take this picture? Love you queen” another fan wrote with a heart emoji.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Cooper was recently spotted on vacation, having lunch in romantic Provence just a few days ago with a mystery blonde. Fans immediately thought this all but confirmed Cooper’s rumored relationship with the singer but the claims were false. Gaga has been seen with Dan Horton – the new man in her life. The two have been extremely affectionate with one another, which – you would think – should squash any rumors of Cooper and Gaga being an item. Nevertheless, fans are will keep looking for any little sign to tell them exactly who it is Gaga is romantically linked to.


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