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Kylie Jenner Just Wore an All-Brown Outfit (Broutfit?) and Somehow Managed to Not Look Like the Poop Emoji

There are some types of monochromatic ensembles that are sartorial acceptable: all-white, all-pastels, all-black (obviously), etc. Even some monochromatic street style looks feature unusual hues like bright red or neons, but never have I seen a successful all-brown outfit—until Kylie Jenner’s all-brown outfit on Instagram. Wearing what I’m now dubbing a “broutfit” (a brown outfit, in case you’re not connecting the dots here), Jenner posted a photo on the ‘gram and actually looked hot.

While I’m fully aware of Kylie Jenner’s ability to look good in pretty much anything, I’d never expect her to don a completely brown look and somehow pull it off (without looking like a poop emoji, no less). Because I’m not talking a simple brown dress paired with brown boots, y’all. Kylie Jenner went full brown ensemble from her head to her toes. From the brown top and trench to brown leggings and boots, finishing off with a brown bag and brown sunnies, Jenner has truly given us the definition of “broutfit.” And is it weird to say that I kind of love it?

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

What’s so great about Kylie Jenner’s all-brown street style—other than the fact that she proved it can be done—is that she wore the ensemble to a holiday party for KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics. I’ve seen plenty of holiday outfits this season, but none quite so interesting as an all-brown look. I’m not sure how the ensemble works for the holidays, but I’m still here for it. Who says you have to wear red, green or sequins in order to look festive?

Plus, the other guests at the holiday party got a hilarious treat when Jenner decided to sing “Rise and Shine” for everyone. Too much sake? Maybe, but Jenner gets the last laugh regardless, considering she’s now trademarked the phrase. The power this woman has is unreal.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

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