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Kris Jenner’s Look-Alike Interviewed an 11-Year-Old Beyoncé & the Video Is Wild

This is a duo we never thought we’d see. Kris Jenner interviewed an 11-year-old Beyoncé—well, her look-alike did. In a throwback video posted by Beyoncé’s dad, Matthew Knowles, on Thursday, Dec. 12, a woman who looks strikingly like Kris could be seen interviewing Bey when she was in the band Girls’ Tyme. “This week’s #throwbackthursday also comes from back in ’92. Beyonce was about 11 years old and already working hard. Here she is talking about getting over stage fright,” Matthew captioned the clip, which he posted on Instagram.

While the video features a real preteen Beyoncé, the interviewer is unfortunately not the actual Kris Jenner. (How wild would that story be though.) Still, there’s no denying that the interviewer looks exactly like the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch. Dressed in a black-and-white geometric coat and sporting Kris’ signature black pixie cut, the woman could pretty much pass as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

“Now tell me about getting over the stage fright. How did this go from having fun and singing for a few people to where you’re going to go out there and you’re going to try to make it big?” the woman asks the young “Formation” singer in the clip, to which Bey responds: “Well, I guess if we keep on practicing and practicing and we keep on performing and performing, the stage fright just fades away.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Though it’s clear to us that Kris was not the woman in the clip, many internet users theorize that the interviewer was the actual Kardashian-Jenner momager. Sorry to burst their bubble, but a rep for the reality star confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that the woman interviewing Beyoncé is in fact not Kris Jenner. Besides, it would be very unlikely for Kris to have done so in 1992.

“People. There’s no way Kris was moonlighting as a local news anchor in Houston, thousands of miles away from her new husband (she and Bruce married in 91) and kids.” one fan commented on Instagram.

Regardless of what’s true, at least we know that there’s a Kris Jenner look-alike out in the world.


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