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Kit Harington Had a Wardrobe Malfunction on ‘Game of Thrones’ & It Almost Lost Him a Body Part

The world was divided Sunday night—between those who watch GoT and those who don’t. Well, for all of the fans, we were treated to an epic season premiere. Kit Harington had a Game of Thrones wardrobe malfunction while filming Sunday’s episode, and it doesn’t sound like it was pleasant. One of the most beautiful and magical scenes of episode one in season 8 was when Jon Snow hopped onto one of Daenerys’s dragons and flew through the valley with his queen. This was *SPOILER* before Jon found out his true identity. Jon joked with Daenerys after he “debarred” the dragon, saying “You’ve ruined horses for me.” LOL. Good one, Jon.

But the magic we saw on screen was very different from the actor’s in-studio process. Simulating a dragon ride meant Emilia Clarke and Harington had to ride, essentially a mechanical bull, surrounded by green screen. The electronic “buck,” if you will, was created to keep the actors firmly seated in position (rather than throwing you off, like a normal bull). But according to Harington, being a dragon rider isn’t quite as glamorous as it looks, and it got him into a bit of a snag.

During a behind-the-scenes video, Harington explained the, er, uncomfortable situation he and his bits and pieces got into. “There was a bit where Jon almost falls off the dragon—swings round really violent like this—and my right ball got trapped, and I didn’t have time to say stop,” Harington explained. “I was being swung round. In my head, I thought, ‘This is how it ends, on this buck swinging me round by my testicles. Literally.’” HAH. OH NO. He literally almost lost a ball to fake dragon riding. Yikes.

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Here’s a pic that Clarke shared on Sunday night. Aww, she loves her fake dragons almost as much as Daenerys loves the real ones.

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