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Kim K’s Latest Look Is Serving Major Disney Villain Vibes

After watching Disney’s Cruella, I admit that I have a whole new appreciation for villain fashion. Yes, I thought Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent was super chic, but Cruella’s designer drive really sold me on the idea that villains are often way more fashion-forward than their foils. I don’t know if Kim Kardashian streamed the new film with North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, but something tells me she did, because the green suit she posted on her Instagram feed is giving total “villain as main character” energy.

If your Instagram feed from the weekend was clogged with friends remembering what it’s like to be closer than six feet apart, you might’ve missed Kardashian’s post, a carousel of images that featured her perched on a green velvet bench in front of a green velvet bed. Her look matched the room’s aesthetic to a T, thanks to stylist Sita Abellan.

Kardashian wore a green Jean Paul Gaultier suit, ditching the jacket in the majority of photos to reveal a shiny black Luis De Javier corset with green smoke detailing. She accessorized with a Lilith By Sita gold choker and the most perfect green crystal-embellished Amina Muaddi Karma Pumps to match.

TBH, the whole look had me green with envy, pun obviously intended.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

While my recent Disney movie binge has me thinking villain, it’s possible Kim was going for more of an Emerald City wizard vibe. Or, even a leprechaun moment! She captioned the photo “Lucky” with a four-leaf clover emoji.

As for glam, Kardashian sported middle-parted, brushed-out curls courtesy of her go-to hair stylist, Chris Appleton. Makeup artist Ash K Holm went wild with a graphic eyeliner moment, accented by a lime inner corner and what looked like black rhinestone face decals on the cheekbones.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

If this is a villain cosplay, one thing’s for sure: I wouldn’t want to go up against Kardashian! It’s unclear what this particular photoshoot was for, but judging by Holm’s reference to it as a “creative shoot,” the answer may be that it was just for fun. I can’t fault Kim for wanting a few cool new pics for the ‘Gram! She’s single now, after all.

That said, this look definitely reminds me of one of the star’s most love-it-or-hate-it outfits of all time: Her Hulk-esque Christmas dress.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Not going to lie, I didn’t love this one! The Schiaparelli ab corsets creep me out a little, so seeing them in Hulk green was especially bizarre. Maybe Kim thought the color served evergreen Christmas tree vibes (or even Grinch vibes, as her caption jokes) but to me, it was a miss. I much prefer the Luis De Javier corset she’s wearing this time around, although I love the whole ‘fit as a nod to the infamous “Hulk Goes Holiday” look.

While married to her soon-to-be ex husband, Kanye West, Kardashian gave him almost complete control over her style—and in many ways, we can credit him with what became her signature body-hugging, all-neutral look! Still, now that Kardashian is distancing herself from the rapper, it’s nice to see her playing with fashion and returning to color.

We love a bright, playful hot girl summer wardrobe! Especially one with just a dash of villain energy.


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