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Kim Kardashian’s Reason For Her Recent Privacy On Social Media Is So Alarming

While it appears Mrs. Kardashian-West is active as ever on social media, you may have noticed that the nature of her posts has shifted just slightly. Kim Kardashian’s private social media reason has a lot to do with the dangers of oversharing, which means that she’s been keeping things much more tight-lipped on Instagram and Twitter for some time now. Especially when it has to do with her family. After some harrowing events, she wants to do everything in her power to protect her four children and Kanye West.

What harrowing events, you ask? Well, let’s think back to almost exactly three years ago, when Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Yeah, it was a lot. But what does it have to do with her social media presence? Kim recently attended the 23rd Annual World Congress on Information Technology convention in Armenia yesterday, where she took to the stage as a keynote speaker to explain how safety concerns—much like those of the Paris event—forever changed her privacy practices online.

“I think at the beginning, I didn’t even know what the word privacy really meant. I was very OK with people knowing every detail of my life,” the 38-year-old media mogul said. “As you get a little bit older and you have kids, and you realize you do want to value some privacy, I figured out a really good balance of sharing what I want to share.”

Seated across from Magdalena Yeşil, the author of Power Up: How Smart Women Win in the New Economy, Kim continued to share more tips she’s learned about internet safety over the years. “There definitely is oversharing,” she admitted. “Especially when safety can be a factor… when there is so many eyes on you. I learned first hand that if you share too much it can be a little bit dangerous at times.”

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But this doesn’t mean that the reality star is doing away with vulnerability on social media altogether, of course. After all, we’ve still seen her post about her own children plenty, like this adorable video of baby Saint and Chicago in their cowboy costumes recently. “I still love to be open and honest and that’s who I am and that’s my brand,” she said. “There is a way to have both and to share but not feel like your whole life is being used just for social media. You do have to have balance.”

For Kim, that balance looks like being conscious and aware of the details revealed in each post—location and timing definitely being one of them. She’s also switched to tempering her family posts with branded content, including her promotional posts for KKW Beauty, her new Skims shapewear line, and her recent endeavors into becoming a lawyer and criminal justice activism.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Honestly, switching it up like that and keeping personal details to a minimum is good advice for anyone!


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