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Kim Kardashian’s Haircut Looks Great Thanks To The Power Of, Uh, Craft Scissors In A Parking Lot

We know Kimberly is a little over the top sometimes (lest we remind ourselves of that time she lost an earring in the ocean: “Kim, there’s people dying,”) yet that still doesn’t mean that Kim Kardashian’s haircut in a parking lot video is any less shocking to us today. Maybe it should be. Still, what really takes the cake here is not only the fact that Kim pulled over just to a get a trim, but that she called her stylist, Chris Appleton, over to use a pair of craft scissors on her.

Professional stylists, I’m so sorry. We all know that we’re supposed to use hair-cutting shears for this sort of thing (not like we’re pulling over and cutting our hair in alleyways, or anything.) But I guess Kim was really having an emergency. In her latest Instagram Story, the 39-year-old media mogul confessed to needing a haircut “mid-drive.” Interesting. “Ok so, what do you do when you need a haircut mid-drive?” she began. “You call Chris, at the gym, and he borrows scissors from the gym. And we are in a random apartment complex’s parking lot in Hollywood.”

“No one would believe it if they saw it. Gotta be right!” Appleton said in regard to fixing her haircut.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

It’s unclear whether another stylist gave Kim an unsatisfactory cut that morning—in the following clip she explains that “We cut it really short this morning,” and seemed to want an adjustment to the layers in her hair. Honestly, we get that. Poorly done layers can really make or break the cut! I wouldn’t mind having Chris Appleton come over and fix mine up, too. Just maybe in a stylist’s chair, rather than the middle of an empty lot—but Kim’s got it like that.

Despite the fact that Chris used a pair of elementary school scissors, his layers on Kim’s hair looked seriously bomb. As one commenter noted on his repost of the story, it “Just goes to show, it ain’t the scissors but rather who’s wielding them!” Retweet!


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