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Kim Kardashian’s Bloodcurdling Scream After Seeing Kris Jenner On A Stretcher Is Horrifying

Listen we know that the KarJenners’ lives seem to overflow with drama–but this is terrifying and serious. Kim Kardashian screaming after seeing Kris Jenner on a stretcher in this KUWTK video literally made our hearts stop. We didn’t think Keeping Up with the Kardashians could get any more dramatic after the Khloé Kardashian/Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson debacle of last season–but we were wrong.

Season 17 of KUWTK is already off to an intense start. Tristan has been trying desperately to win Khloé back, Kim was diagnosed with an illness and now things are getting even more insane. In the upcoming episode that is set to air Sunday, Sept. 22–Kim gets a phone call notifying her that her mom, Kris, is experiencing a medical emergency. In the Season 17 trailer, we can hear Kris complaining about her neck–but clearly, things were much worse than this.

When Kim arrives at the house, she sees her mother laid out on a stretcher and she screams in horror. We’re actually shocked that the KarJenners allowed the cameras to keep rolling because the moment was so scary and intense. In another clip, Scott Disick and Kris’ boo, Corey Gamble go at each other over whether Penelope should be spanked or not. Corey says, “If P scratch me, I’m whipping her ass.” Yikes, this is so much.

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It also looks like Kim and Kourtney still can’t get along. We already watched them get into a vicious fight over style–and Kim called Kourtney a “fake humanitarian hoe” as a result. This year, it looks like all of the drama is at least going to remain in the family–but we’re not sure we were prepared for any of it.

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