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Kim Kardashian Trolls Kourtney So Hard for Not Inviting Her on Her Girls’ Trip with Kendall Jenner

In today’s edition of Kardashian-Jenner drama, Kim Kardashian trolled Kourtney Kardashian for not inviting her on a girls’ trip with Kendall Jenner. Let it be known that Kim isn’t one to be messed with, as proven by her reaction to Kourtney’s flat tire on a ski trip with Kendall, which the middle Kardashian sister was not invited to.

Kourtney and Kendall have been on vacation in Aspen, Colorado for a few days now, but they faced complications on Wednesday when they got a flat tire while driving through the snow. Kourtney posted a video of the moment on Instagram, which shows Kendall crouched down next to a repairman who changed and put some chains on their SUV tires. While Kendall was braving the cold, Kourtney was seen inside, keeping warm and toasty in the car. “Super helpful on road trips 🚧,” Kourtney wrote in the caption.

Of course, Kim had her own thoughts on the video. The KKW Beauty founder commented on Kourtney’s Instagram, letting her know that she could’ve changed their tire and put chains on—if she was invited. “Damn! I know how to change a tire,” Kim quipped. “I would have so done this for you guys if I were invited.” Kim wrote.

Kourtney responded, assuring Kim she would be invited on their next ski trip and test her tire-changing skills by running over some nails. “I am personally inviting you next time and running over some nails,” she wrote back.

img 4554 Kim Kardashian Trolls Kourtney So Hard for Not Inviting Her on Her Girls Trip with Kendall Jenner


Kim and Kourtney have a long history of trolling each other, from making fun of their outfits to teasing each other for their makeup. So are we really surprised that their mechanic skills were next?


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