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Kim Kardashian Posted This Thirst Trap For Her 40th B-Day To Remind Us All She’s Still The Hottest

If you can believe it—which I barely can—Kim Kardashian is officially 40 years old. (!) Of course, the mogul took this as an opportunity to promote her latest KKW Beauty drop while also reminding us that she’s still hot AF. Shown off to the world via a jaw-dropping social media post (How else?), Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday outfit is truly a sight to behold. And, in what should come as no surprise to anyone who follows her accounts, that’s mainly because she’s half-naked. Shocked? No. Into the whole look? Yes.

I can hardly remember when my own parents both turned 40, as I was only six years old at the time, but (no shade to my parents) they looked nothing like Kim Kardashian. Obviously most American women don’t look like Kim K—or have her plastic surgeon and millions of dollars to spend—but still. If someone had no idea how old Kardashian-West was, it’s highly unlikely that they’d guess she’d just turned 40. Yet here she is, posing in a silver bikini and sparkly, sheer pants, celebrating the big 4-0. If I look this hot when I hit that age, it’s over for you hoes. (LOL, kidding. That will never happen.)

Though this ensemble was clearly photographed to promote the new KKW Beauty Opalescent collection—and give us all 40% off for her birthday—it’s the only look she’s shown us so far. It’s definitely a habit of Kardashian-West to wait until later to post photos (or post throwbacks none of us realize are throwbacks until 10 minutes later), so it’s likely we’ll get another birthday look out of her before her 40th is over.

Considering the fact that we’re still in a global pandemic, though, Kim K is probably not hosting a huge soiree. And while I’m glad that she’s (hopefully) staying careful and safe during these times, I will definitely miss getting to see what would have undoubtedly been one incredible, celeb-filled rager. For now, I’ll settle for Kardashian-West posing in front of a giant cake while wearing basically nothing. HBD, Kim!

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