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Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez Are Working On A Movie Together—This Is Not A Drill

She may have gotten her start in reality TV, but it looks like Kim K might be ready to make the jump from the small screen to the big screen. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez’s movie clue has sent fans into a tailspin. That would be quite the gig for Kardashian. This news broke when Kardashian admitted she was interested in switching lanes and entering the movie biz. In a recent Instagram video, E! News’ Jason Kennedy directly asked Kardashian, “You’re working on something with J.Lo?” Kardashian had a wide grin when she happily announced, “I am. My first big acting gig with Jennifer Lopez.” What what!! This is BIG news people. The reality star stayed quiet on any details about the upcoming project, but she did say that she’s “so excited” to be involved. UM. We totally understand. Before the video ended, Kardashian continued gushing saying, “Me and Jennifer Lopez,” between gasps.

We’d be breathless too. JLo is an incredible actress and seems like a lot of fun to work with. The future Mrs. ARod just released her film, Hustlers, which Cardi B makes an appearance in. So she’s used to working with powerful, badass women from various industries. After all, Lopez started as a singer. How different can reality TV be than the movie industry for Kim K? Everything is mostly scripted anyway, so we feel like Kardashian could crush it.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

What is Lopez working on now, you ask? Well, she’s currently in production for her next film, Marry Me. It is possible that Kardashian will play a role in that film. It would be a pretty cool project to be a part of—it’s based on the graphic novel, also titled Marry Me, and co-stars Owen Wilson. According to Variety:

[The film] centers on a pop star (Lopez) who, moments before marrying her rockstar fiance at Madison Square Garden, finds out that he cheated on her with her assistant. She breaks down on stage and picks a random man — a math teacher played by Wilson — out of the crowd to marry instead.

Kardashian has been a longtime fan of JLo. In fact, back in 2018, Kardashian hosted a viewing party for JLo’s film, Second Act—and guess who made a special appearance? Jennifer Lopez! She came and joined in the celebration, which was a dream come true for Kardashian.  “I never would have imagined this would have been my life,” Kardashian said shortly after the surprise. “I always fangirl for her. Dreams do come true, guys!”


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