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Julia Fox Is Your Denim Snow Bride at the Sundance Film Festival

— IndieWire/IndieWire/Getty Images

Here comes the Sundance snow bride. On Friday, Julia Fox looked ready to say “I do” as she stepped out to the Sundance Film Festival in a denim set that she topped off with a sheer veil. The actress’ latest film, Presence, from director Steven Soderbergh is set to premiere at the festival which explains her attendance at the Park City, Utah event. Now, whether there’s an explanation for her cosplaying as a snow-kissed bride, we’re not quite as sure—but, with Fox, we’ve come to expect plenty of curveball fashion moments.

Fox based her look around double denim—she tucked a fitted jacket into dark-wash pantaboots which she cinched with a silver and white belt that featured a buckle with the word “Mother” written across. Up top, Fox appeared ready for a Vegas shotgun wedding (which is truly only a short flight from Utah) with a sheer veil that poked out from above her tousled, auburn waves.

She then draped a dramatic faux fur over her shoulders, which happens to be the same jacket she incorporated into another look earlier in the day—a crochet bikini layered on top of a black bodysuit. Fox posed for photos both with and without the faux fur, but the cozy jacket was definitely apropos considering the brisk Park City weather and the fact that it looked like something she’d wear to her own courthouse nuptials.

— IndieWire/IndieWire/Getty Images

The power of a reveal: Though the statement shoulders of Fox’s denim jacket were hidden underneath her coat, they made for quite the impact when standing on their own. The removal of the faux fur also allowed us to get a better look at the totality of her “Mother” belt, too.

— Variety/Variety/Getty Images

Fox is no stranger to the bridal look. In fact, she’s offered several different interpretations of wedding wear in recent months that have ranged in extremities. Just last week, she attended a Sotheby’s event in New York City wearing a slashed-up white dress (with an exposed thong and bra) that she paired with a ruffled veil. Quite the head scratcher, but very Mother Fox.

For the Wiederhoeft runway show back in September, the actress channeled her inner Bride of Frankenstein in a mini corset dress, ultra-high heels, and a veil that nearly engulfed her entire figure. Fox’s most recent look might be her most casual yet, but it definitely appears as though she isn’t slowing down on exploring bridal attire anytime soon.

Source: W Magazine

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