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Juicy Couture & Apparis Just Gave The Iconic Tracksuit A 2020 Twist

I won’t lie—I woke up today feeling like this has to be the longest week ever. Then, I was greeted by news that two of my favorite brands are collabing, and suddenly, I couldn’t be happier. The announcement of Apparis x Juicy Couture has started my day on an unbeatable high note, and if you’re a fan of the iconic Juicy tracksuit, I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you’re not familiar, Apparis is known for their luxurious faux fur offerings, from an array of dreamy cool-girl coats to their just-launched home line of blankets, slippers and the like. Their signature Pluche fabric is soft as could be, and their vegan shearling is better than the real thing, no doubt about it.

I thought for sure their next launch would be an expansion of the already-incredible new home line, but Apparis really threw me for a loop when instead, they announced a fire collab. Juicy Couture, one of the most iconic brands of the early-2000s, had teamed up with the faux fur giant to reinvent the Juicy tracksuit. Hold for applause.

STYLECASTER | apparis x juicy couture

Courtesy of Hot Thunderstorm Studio.

Have your ever seen something so fluffy and wonderful in your life?! I spent half of quarantine regretting throwing my old Juicy tracksuits away in the past, but now they’re all but a distant memory—I only have eyes for this version. Faux fur loungewear sounds like an absolute winter dream, and Apparis and Juicy have made it a reality I can’t wait to shop.

Oh, and it gets better. In addition to the iconic tracksuit, available in bubblegum pink, you can also pair your faux fur joggers with a matching hoodie, available in classic black. Along with the two sweatsuit options are a pink faux fur coat and a black faux fur and shearling puffer, so you literally never have to wear another outfit without at least something made of Apparis’ cozy AF Pluche fabric.

STYLECASTER | apparis x juicy couture

Courtesy of Hot Thunderstorm Studio.

Over the moon about this collab? Girl, me too—but we will have to wait just a little longer to shop it, so put it on your vision board and be patient. Apparis x Juicy Couture drops November 12, and you can shop it then on the Apparis site.

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