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Jessica Alba ‘Lied’ About That No Eye Contact Rule, Says ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’s Christina Elise

A cast member now claims Jessica Alba “lied” about the no eye contact rule on Beverly Hills, 90210. Christine Elise, who once starred in 12 episodes of the series, is the latest cast member to respond to Alba’s claim in early October that she was “not allowed to make eye contact with any one of the cast members” or else she would be “thrown off the set,” when she guest-starred on the teen drama in 1998.

Elise, 55, questioned if Alba, 39, was “insane” after hearing her no eye contact comment shared on an October 1 episode of Hot Ones. “There’s no way,” she explained on an October 21 episode of the “Beverly Hills, 90210 Show” podcast. “[Producer] Paul Wagner did say, ‘The girls may not be nice, the guys might not be nice,’ but that’s as bad as it got! That cast is very nice and if they don’t like you, they go away.”

The Boston native continued, “That whole ‘don’t make eye contact’ [claim] is—I’m gonna call it what it is—it’s a fucking lie.” Elise went on to note that Alba, who owns lifestyle brand The Honest Company, was “doing great” otherwise. “Why is she invested in shit-talking a show from 30 years ago?” the actress asked. Elise was joined on the podcast by Joel Feigenbaum, the original director of Alba’s episodes in 1998. He was similarly surprised by her claim.

“It’s very possible someone could have said that to her, either seriously or not,” he said on the podcast episode. “I can’t imagine who it would have been. It certainly wasn’t one of the cast and I can’t even imagine—the only other people it might have been, an AD (assistant director) or maybe somebody in the makeup and hair trailer. I don’t doubt that she heard that somehow, but I certainly was never aware of it and you certainly never saw that on the set anyway.”

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Since Alba’s comments came to light, many other members of the BH, 90210 cast have responded with shock—including star Brian Austin Green. On October 8, the actor, 47, responded to her comment on an episode of SiriusXM’s Jenny McCarthy Show. “I never worked with Jessica,” he began. “I never met her on set. I wasn’t there, but I don’t think she heard that from anyone reputable, like that was really around us, because that wasn’t ever our policy on set.”

Green added, “The one thing that we really were good about on our set was making people feel welcome and feel like they were a part of the family and what we were doing and they were a part of the team. So I can’t, I can’t imagine that at all.”

Actor Jason Priestly, who went on to date Elise following the series, was similarly surprised by the accusation: “‘Don’t look at the stars of the show’ was never an edict that came down on our show,” he said in an October 6 interview on KiSS 92.5’s The Roz & Mocha Show. “I don’t know who told Jessica Alba not to look at us. We never thought we were MC Hammer.”

He continued, “I don’t know what Jessica Alba’s experience was coming on our show as a guest star. I know that certainly…I never would have made her feel that way.”

Meanwhile, Tori Spelling was “horrified” by Alba’s comment. “I’m not going to lie to you guys: I was a little horrified when I saw that clip that she said that she wasn’t allowed to make eye contact and she had an awful experience because her baby wipes are my favorite,” Tori said on the iHeartRadio podcast 9021OMG, referencing Alba’s Honest brand. “Like, I wipe my child’s ass with her baby wipes every single day. I’m so upset right now.”

Alba has yet to respond to the Beverly Hills, 90210 cast’s reactions.

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