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Is…Is Steve Harvey My New Style Icon?

As a fashion editor, it’s my job to write about clothes for a living. So of course, there are a handful of looks I almost always gravitate towards. A great statement coat, for one. Leather pants, naturally. I’m also a sucker for a good head-to-toe tonal moment—and apparently, I’m not the only one with good taste. After Steve Harvey’s green suit went viral this week, it seems pretty much everyone is noticing Harvey’s epic sartorial flair. Move over, Hailey Bieber! There’s a new street style queen in town.

OK, OK. So maybe Harvey’s bold wardrobe has less to do with him and more to do with his stylist, but I’m willing to give them both a ridiculous amount of credit. Elly Karamoh (who also styles Tyler Perry) has definitely made a name for himself in the industry by striking that perfect balance of playful and professional while styling Harvey over the years. You can even watch clips of the Styling With Elly segment now on The Official Steve Harvey Youtube page.

During Harvey’s recent trip to Paris, though, Karamoh really popped off. Clad in head-to-toe Bottega (Like I said: Move over, Hailey!) Harvey struck a pose alongside his beautiful wife, Marjorie, in photos that looked straight out of Vogue. It was giving what it needed to give and then some!

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

But if fans thought the sartorial statement was a one-and-done move, they were wrong. Harvey’s suitcase was apparently filled to the brim with fire ‘fits, my favorite of which had to be a perfectly-tailored lilac suit with pale pink dress shirt and coordinating tie.

The look, custom Alta Sartoria by Dolce & Gabbana, was good on its own. Then, I saw Karamoh paired it with a powder blue coat to seal the deal. All other pastels are officially canceled! This is the only look I want to see, on any human, ever again. It simply can’t be outdone.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Then, there was an incredible yellow coat, paired with monochrome black to really pop (and coordinate with Marjorie, of course).

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Then, a stunning Berluti and Bottega mash-up by way of leather pants, a black turtleneck and a royal blue jacket. Slayed the house boots down, Houston, I’m deceased.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Then, dear reader, things kept getting better. Steve and Marjorie went for a sexy all-black-everything vibe, with Harvey in a gorgeous coat, some looser leather pants and a collared shirt with Western flair. Marjorie, in a low-cut satin dress with a high slit and strappy sandals, also looked incredible. But you already knew that, because she always does.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Out of the kindness of my heart, I will bless you with yet another look, my last of this rave. Topping a classic Saint Laurent shirt and trousers combo, Harvey rocked a black-and-white Balmain coat from pre-fall 2021 that I would happily be buried in. Cremated, even.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Steve Harvey is without a doubt my new style icon. He’s literally strutting around Paris like the Naomi Campbell of television presenters and I couldn’t! love! it! more!!!!

Shout out to Karamoh for blessing us with his obvious and earth-shattering talent, and to Harvey for being the body bold enough to pull off his visions. These two are a match made in sartorial heaven and I’ll be damned if Harvey isn’t named the Best Dressed Celebrity of the year.

Remember that time Kendall Jenner won the Fashion Icon of the Decade Award at the Fashion Media Awards? Yeah…looks like we need to vote again, because Harvey’s giving her some very stiff competition.

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