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Is It Just Me, or Has Hailey Bieber Cracked the Code on Minimalist Outfits?

It should come as no surprise that, once again, Hailey Bieber has managed to woo me with her impeccable ensembles. It seems like every day—and sometimes multiple times a day—the celeb is seen wearing an outfit that gives me major inspiration. Hailey Bieber’s latest minimalist street style outfits are yet another example of just how good the star is at creating iconic (yet simple) looks we can all actually, probably recreate. Has Hailey Bieber actually cracked the code on minimalist dressing? (Y’all, I think she might have.)

The model was seen on Tuesday in Los Angeles sporting the ideal minimalist winter look, and I’m truly obsessed. While it was only 57 degrees in LA on Tuesday, that’s cold for those of us who live in the sunny city. Basically, 57 degrees is our 40 degrees, which means turtlenecks and coats are a must. Whatever “cold” means to you, though, you’re going to want this minimalist outfit Hailey Bieber wore while shopping at Erewhon. (Yes, that’s “nowhere” spelled backwards, and yes, it’s made fun of in the second season of You on Netflix.)

Hailey Bieber Street Style


Bieber perfectly paired a cream turtleneck with off-white pants, added white sneakers and topped it all off with a gorgeous light pink coat. If you’re into having a minimalist or capsule wardrobe, this outfit is basically a no-brainer. Keeping it monochrome with a fun touch (in this case, the coat) is the perfect way to stay minimalist without looking like you didn’t think about your ensemble. How can such a simple look seem so iconic? That’s the power of Hailey Bieber.

Hailey Bieber Street Style


Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Hailey Bieber was also seen wearing an all-blue minimalist outfit. Pairing a blue crop top with blue jeans and white sneakers might seem like an obvious choice, but by focusing on trendy versions of these pieces, you can make it the ultimate minimalist street style look. Paper-bag waist jeans and a cardigan-esque top are two trendy items, but worn in a monochrome ensemble look much more minimalist. This is welcome news for all of you who don’t want a capsule wardrobe, but occasionally like to keep your outfits low-key. Thank you for your street style service, Hailey Bieber.


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