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Is It Just Me or Does Gigi Hadid Look Like a 2006 Middle Schooler in These NYFW Photos?

Guys, I’m screaming. I know New York Fashion Week lends itself to myriad shocking celebrity looks, and pretty much anything can be considered fashion if you’re famous enough, but Gigi Hadid’s recent NYFW 2019 street style ~lewk~ was too damn much for me. IDK if I’ve been watching too much of the new Hulu show Pen15—a comedy where two adults play their seventh grade selves (very well, I might add) in the year 2000—and prepubescent teens are just on the brain, but I swear these recent photos of Gigi Hadid make her look like a 2006 middle schooler.

On Wednesday, after walking the Marc Jacobs Fall 2019 runway show, Hadid stepped out onto the New York streets in an oversized nearly-neon chartreuse turtleneck sweater. Her hair was wildly curled—a leftover ‘do from her runway look—with a middle part. The model wore Le Spec sunnies that reminded me of those transitional lenses that change from regular glasses to sunglasses when you walk outside. The combination of the huge turtleneck, wild hair and sunnies made Hadid resemble a middle schooler on the verge of hitting puberty, or, like, a 13-year-old Hermione Granger. I know she’s a famous model and everything, but Gigi, what’s going on here?

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

In case the photos (Exhibit A) and my apt description weren’t enough to convince you of Hadid’s sudden affair with a time machine, let me present Exhibit B: a photo of my editor in middle school. Note the glasses—transition lenses. Those babies would darken right up as soon as sunlight hit ’em. Also note the messy hair and brightly colored top. Look, I know it may seem like I’m reaching here, but come on—you and I both know Gigi Hadid could walk into any middle school in that outfit and be welcomed as one of their own.

middle school Is It Just Me or Does Gigi Hadid Look Like a 2006 Middle Schooler in These NYFW Photos?

Courtesy of author. (Note: That’s water in the champagne glass.)

Whether or not you agree with me (and you should), we all know Gigi Hadid is an icon, and one day dressed like a 2006 middle schooler won’t change anything. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if I walk outside tomorrow and see some frizzy-haired, turtleneck-and-transition-lens-wearing social media influencers having a photoshoot inspired by Hadid’s look. I will never be a fashion expert, but you bet your balls I know a thing or two about looking like an awkward middle schooler.


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