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Is Cole Sprouse Really Leaving ‘Riverdale’ Soon? Here’s Why Fans Think It’s Possible

Does “tangerine” ring a bell? It should if you watched last night’s midseason finale—you know, the one that’s already spawning theories about Cole Sprouse leaving Riverdale for good. And if it doesn’t, well, we’d caution you to go take a look at the episode and come back before reading on. We need to discuss what happened at the end of this Dec. 11, 2019 installment. It may or may not have just revealed the answer to a question we’ve had all season: Is Jughead really dead? And if he is, what does that mean for the actor who portrays him, Cole Sprouse?

Turns out, we’re not really much closer to finding out the answer to same cliffhanger that’s plagued us since last season. Those sneaky Riverdale writers! We only know what they’d like viewers to think—but fans of the CW series aren’t so easy to fool. Unless the show has really taken a turn for the predictable, Riverdale audiences are certain of the following theories surrounding Cole Sprouse’s character, Jughead. And no, even though we witnessed his body displayed at a coroner’s office, we don’t think he’s dead. Not exactly, at least.

After last season’s bonfire scene when it was revealed that Betty killed someone and the gang had to help her cover it up, the Riverdale writer’s room has been throwing us for a loop. Many believe they’re just trying to fake us out, so to speak. Twitter user @svpreinhart is convinced that it’s all a ploy, and that Jughead is actually faking his death.

Not to mention, in the real world, Cole Sprouse doesn’t seem to be leaving the show anytime soon. Usually actors whose characters die tend to remain pretty hush hush on the matter, even avoiding opportunities to post or comment on the series they’re involved with. Cole attended New York Comic Con over the summer and had plenty to share about his role—leading us to believe this is “Jughead is dead” idea is a moot point.

Besides: Cole’s IMDb page doesn’t have any new projects listed following his role on Riverdale. Don’t you think any actor would take on the opportunity for a new gig once he knows his current role is about, erm, expire? Yeah. Thought so.


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