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Iris Law Is Brining The Dress Over Pants Look Back From Y2K Oblivion

— @iirislaw

Iris Law is ready to bring back a divisive Y2K trend, but she’s doing it on her terms. While there’s no doubt that the words “dress over pants” invoke images of some ’00s Disney Channel red carpet event, the model managed to make the layering trick look particularly current.

The model started her look with a coquettish baby blue dress that featured a contrasting white collar and a tied waist. Instead of sporting the piece solo, Law made the throwback decision to layer a pair of flowy white pants underneath. Law then slipped into some chunky black stompers and rounded out her look with a structured shoulder bag detailed with black grommets.

For all the fuss that has been made about fashion girls’ obsession with the no pants trend, Law appeared to present her rebuttal here. The London-born model isn’t the only star rocking the early aughts look, though. Earlier this month, Zendaya offered a very formal twist on the look by way of a plunging pleated gown that she paired with high-waisted dress pants. Kendall Jenner also co-signed the trend on multiple occasions during a recent trip to Aspen. Law’s latest look is definitely the most casual of the trio, leaning more towards coquette girl-next-door than sultry, night out bombshell.

— @iirislaw

Law indulged in even more layering within the rest of her outfit. She slipped a graphic blouse (complete with a black and white motif, of course) on top of her blue dress. The addition of Law’s knitted top added some shape to the otherwise unstructured look by cinching her waist.

— @iirislaw

The dress over pants movement isn’t only picking up steam amongst celebrities. The most recent fall runway season was brimming with the layering trick from both established and rising labels. There was Maria Grazia Chiuri’s double denim and glittery sets for Dior, Gabriela Hearst and her chic, plunging gowns, and Kim Jones’ sheer concoctions at Fendi. Now, whether stars continue to champion no pants or dresses over pants remains to be seen, but we definitely know which trend Law is choosing.

Source: W Magazine

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