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Indya Moore Honors Marsha P. Johnson In Pride Campaign

Pride Month isn’t just about rainbow-print shoes, parades, or partying until July rolls around. It’s also about paying homage to the queer icons who helped the LGBTQ+ community obtain institutional and political freedoms, often at great cost to themselves and their loved ones. In their new campaign for Awe Inspired, a socially-conscious fine jewelry brand, Pose star and trans activist Indya Moore introduces the Marsha Goddess Necklace—an homage to activist Marsha P. Johnson.

The photos, which were shot on a rooftop studio in Los Angeles, feature Moore in a fresh floral crown of hibiscus and baby’s breath, recalling Johnson’s iconic handcrafted headpieces. Moore also wears a billowing silk floral gown; they’re posing in front of a fence overlooking New York City, where Johnson worked as a major advocate for gay rights; known as “the mayor of Christopher Street,” Johnson was integral to the Stonewall uprising of 1969. As for the necklace itself, it’s customizable—the chain can include box links or delicate rainbow-colored beads, but the star is the cameo-style pendant featuring Johnson’s face.

Moore and Awe Inspired have committed to donating 100 percent of all profits will go towards the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, which serves the needs of Black transgender individuals, quelling any criticisms of Pride-themed collaborations that center on the apparent disingenuousness of the company’s outreach. This isn’t just a marketing ploy that starts and ends with rainbow-covered products.

The necklace’s base price starts at $160. See images from the campaign below.

Source: W Magazine

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