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In Honor Of Cuffing Season, Let’s Celebrate The 3 Most Romantic Zodiac Signs

Looking to be wooed by a new boo, but don’t know which signs will be the sweetest? Let me give you the scoop on the most romantic zodiac signs so you can keep them in mind as you spice up your love life.

If you’re familiar with Western astrology, you’ll know that the twelve members of the zodiac are divided up into four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Each element has their own signature attribute: earth signs are grounded, air signs are flighty, water signs are emotional, and fire signs are passionate. 

As examples, earthy Virgos and Taurus love to have a stable home-base, while airy Libras and Aquarians love being nomadic. Water signs Pisces and Cancer like to stick with one partner for the long haul, while fire signs Sagittarius and Leo are often cool with ethical non-monogamy.

Since water signs are the emotional ones of the zodiac (dry those tears, baby Pisces), you’d think that all three would make the list of top romantics; however, I’ll have you know there’s a surprise fire sign on this list. Even though fire signs can jump from lover to lover with red-hot speed, you might not know that one fire sign sticks out as a hopeless romantic.

Let’s face itif you’re reading this, you’re probably crushing on someone HARD or wondering if you have what it takes to be someone’s boo (even if you’re a stone-cold Capricorn). There’s a lot to take into account when it comes to which signs make the best partners (like Venus and Mars placements, as well as fifth and seventh house signs) but I can definitely point to three sun signs that are the most romantic. You ready?



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Aries is the most romantic of the three fire signs, and is the undisputed wildcard on this list. Aries is the initiator and go-getter of the zodiac, which makes them great at planning exciting dates and getaways. You’ll never get bored with this one—Aries always wants to keep things fresh and exciting (both socially and sexually). This feisty sign has everything you want in a partner; just watch out for flames that burn bright but fizzle out fast.



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Cancer is one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac because they care. Cancer is known for their sweetness and conscientious nature—they know how to make you feel loved with their actions. Cancer are always showing ooey-gooey expressions of love like surprise breakfasts in bed and foot rubs, because that’s what they love, too. Acts of service are a Cancer’s love language—if you want a relationship with a Cancer to last, just make sure you give as much as you take.



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Scorpios get a bad rap, y’all. They’re often seen as sulky and moody, which can be true, but Scorpios are born to do shadow work, which means they’re good at identifying their own flaws and working on them. Scorpios have what it takes to make relationships worksince they’ve already visited the dark corners of their own psyche, they’re well-equipped to go the distance with you through hard times, too. Their watery nature makes them good carers (like Cancers), and they’re just as sensual as Aries, so don’t count them out.


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