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I'm Head Over Heels for This Alexis Bittar Statement Bracelet

Alexis Bittar Liquid Vine Lucite Hinge Bracelet, $445, available here

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I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with Alexis Bittar: I was (up late) scrolling and came across the brand’s hilarious skits, which star Margeaux, a caricature of a wealthy Upper East Side woman, and Jules, her afflicted assistant. Naturally, I had to then go through the entire page, cycling between more funnies and campaign shots of its stunning, sculptural accessories.

The Brooklyn-based jeweler’s bracelets are particularly unforgettable, especially the Liquid Vine bangle, which is made of a lucite base and is wrapped in 14-karat gold-plated coils. The hand-carved trinket also has some bling, courtesy of crystals scattered throughout the transparent acrylic. It’s a chic statement piece that can stand on its own during any time of year… and it might even look better when stacked with others. (I recently saw someone wear several on their wrist, from the molten bangles to clear ones, which looked incredible.)

There’s something so bold about these pieces, and it’s no wonder some of my favorite celebrities like Ice Spice, Tyla and Jennifer Coolidge have all worn the brand, which entered a new era when the founding designer bought back the company and relaunched it in September 2021. After more than five years away from, and some disenchantment with, the industry, he decided to come back and “get it right,” with a focus on inclusion this go-round. “I came into it very clear about where our customer is, understanding that we wanted to focus on strong, independent, artistically-inclined, predominantly urban independent thinkers who saw themselves as not needing to be in the middle, but more that they really knew themselves,” he told Fashionista at the time. 

From the rich feeling that comes from wearing his pieces to the artful, entertaining Instagram page, it’s definitely made me a fan.

Alexis Bittar Liquid Vine Lucite Hinge Bracelet, $445, available here 

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