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If Anyone Can Keep Beige From Being Boring, It's Ciara

The entertainer sported a head-to-toe Carmen March look in the hue.

Ciara in Carmen March at Build Studio in New York City. Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Beige has such a thorough reputation for being boring that it’s actually used as a synonym for it — Webster’s dictionary lists “nondescript,” “vanilla” and “characterless” as other like terms. Not exactly a glowing recommendation for a color to become part of one’s wardrobe. But if there’s anyone that can prove that dressing in beige doesn’t mean resigning yourself to eternal blahs, it’s Ciara.

To visit Build Studio in Soho, New York on Wednesday, the “1, 2 Step” singer wore head-to-toe beige in the form of a pair of wide-legged pants and a button-up shirt. The entire look was made by Spanish label Carmen March, and part of what kept it interesting was the proportions and the textures. The top was made of leather, an unexpected material for a collared, long-sleeved shirt, while the crepe pants were pleated, wide and floor-dragging so you could see just the tip of Ciara’s pointy-toed heels peeking out from underneath them. 

Once she was outside, the star topped it all off with a puffer coat by the same designer in a similar neutral shade. The look was simple, but also the perfect reminder that sometimes, simple can be just right.

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