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ICYMI—Demi Lovato Just Chopped Her Hair and Dyed It Green

When it comes to fashion and beauty trends, everything—I mean everything—comes back around. The ’90s are already here and now early-2000s trends are popping up left and right. Demi Lovato’s new green hair is one of those trends that seem to be back as of late. What makes the style so 2000s, is how her green is dip-dyed just like Christina Aguilera and Lauren Conrad did back in the day with pink and purple hues. But what makes Lovato’s hair so modern is the bob cut. Before, celebrities would get long wavy extensions in bright shades but short hair is so fresh right now.

Lovato showed off her new ‘do on her Instagram stories, writing: “In case some of you forgot, yes green hair.” The boldness of the shade resembles Billie Eilish’s ultra-bright green roots. She also used the haircut emoji, proving she took some serious inches off her lob. Of course, this isn’t Lovato’s first foray into colorful hair. She’s been pink, blue, red, purple, blonde and the list goes on and on. But lately, she’s been rocking her natural black hue.

demi lovato green hair


Lovato isn’t the only one jumping into the dip-dye hair trend. Arielle Vandenberg, the host of Love Island, recently debuted bold blue ends on her blonde hair. The look is courtesy of Riawna Capri at Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, who shared multiple photos of her creation to Instagram. When Vandenberg flips her hair around, it creates such a cool illusion.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Out of all the 2000s trends, I’m all for bell bottoms and Juicy Couture tracksuits coming back but let’s just hope low-rise jeans stay in the past.


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