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How to Safely Apply Wig Glue Without Harming Your Precious Edges

Even if you haven’t played dress up in the beauty supply store or gambled on an online unit, perhaps you’ve at least entertained the idea of experimenting with wigs in 2020. Maybe you’re desperate for a low maintenance style. Perhaps you simply want to switch up your look. Some of us are just curious and game for a new adventure. In any case, a cute wig is a prime solution for hair boredom, especially if the goal is to tuck away your natural strands for a little while. Whatever the reason, just make sure you know how to apply wig glue so the unit actually stays put too.

In my humble opinion, wigs don’t get the credit they truly deserve as a protective style. Yes, some people focus on mere style and not necessarily the health of their hair. However, when done correctly, wigs can be a safe haven for the natural hair underneath. Even when adding glue into the equation, securing a wig doesn’t mean you have to compromise the health and growth of your edges. 

Need proof? This quick and easy comprehensive guide will help you master the glue game like a pro. It may take a little practice and patience to perfect, but follow these steps closely and you’ll be well on your way.

how to put on wig glue

Mika Robinson.

1. Whether you’re wearing a wig or not, always moisturize your edges before styling.

As with any strand of hair on your head, the edges can become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage if they aren’t properly cared for before and after wearing a wig. This is especially important if you plan on wearing your wig for an extended amount of time.

2. Smooth down your edges to ensure they don’t get tangled or knotted.

Though this may seem like a tedious step, it’s essential to keep your edges thriving while rocking a glued down wig. Lay your edges with an edge control (something nourishing rather than sticky) by smoothing your edges away from your face. 

My product of choice is the Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Edge Gel because it has a non-sticky hold that doesn’t leave residue on my edges. It’s also hydrating (thanks to honey), which strengthens your edges against breakage.

how to put on wig glue

Mika Robinson.

3. Put on your wig cap, making sure the band fully covers your hairline.

I always use a nude or light brown wig cap whether I’m gluing down my wig or not. To ensure you’re not getting the glue in your edges, you need to cover your edges as much as possible. Depending on your face shape and hairline, you may have some hair exposed, particularly on the sides.

If this is the case, you should use the bald cap method to give your hair the full-coverage that it needs. (Watch this detailed video if you’re not familiar with the technique.) If you’re wearing a closure wig and not a frontal, the bald cap method isn’t necessary but still worth getting familiar with.

how to put on wig glue

Mika Robinson.

4. Starting with a thin layer, apply your glue of choice at the very edge of your wig cap/start of your forehead.

My go-to product is the Got 2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray. While this “glue” doesn’t provide a long-term hold (meaning more than a few days with proper application), it gets the job done when I need a stronghold for just a day or two. Plus, it’s easy to remove when I’m ready to take my wig off—I spray my wig with water, and the glue dissolves right before my eyes. 

To apply the Got 2 B spray, you can spray straight from the bottle, but I prefer to spray it onto a metal surface and use my finger or a makeup brush to apply to my hairline. The latter is less messy and more precise. If you’re looking for a glue option that’s more long-term, try Ghost Bond or any of the other glues I’ve listed here. For most products, the application process is similar, but read the directions just to be safe. 

how to put on wig glue

Mika Robinson.

5. Wait for the glue to completely dry before applying your wig.

When using Got 2 B, I prefer using a blow dryer to help the glue get tacky enough for my wig to stick. I alternate between a low heat setting and cool to ensure that the glue gets tacky but doesn’t dry completely.

Gently press along the hairline of your wig to ensure that it’s placed correctly and flat. For this step, you can use your finger or the end of a rat tail comb like this one from Sam’s Beauty. There are plenty of other options in your local beauty supply or drugstore too. 

After a few shakes to confirm that your unit is secure, your ‘do is officially faux-fab and ready to flaunt. If you still need a natural-looking wig for your collection, you’re guaranteed to love at least one of these top-sellers from Amazon.

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