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How To Harness The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse’s Energy & Care For Your Shadow Self

Cue the creepy music, an eclipse is coming! We will officially enter eclipse season for the third and final time this year with the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on November 30th. Eclipse season is a time for revelations, beginnings, conclusions and changes, and this one will be no different. We will be getting a lesson on effective communication and a chance to question our beliefs (lucky us!), so buckle up.

First, let’s review a little astronomy. A full moon or lunar eclipse refers to the period when the moon is at it’s most full phase and the shadow of the earth blocks the sun’s light. When ancient civilizations saw this phenomenon in the sky, it normally caused great alarm and heralded major, far-reaching societal shifts or changes.

Astrologically, think of a full moon lunar eclipse as a chance to review. A lunar eclipse acts like a super-changed full moon, determined to help us better understand our shadows and step into our power. It does this through revealing whatever might be hindering our progress. Basically, it helps us to get out of our own way!

This check-in gives us all a collective moment to review the last six months and evaluate our progress. Are you more closely aligned with your purpose than you were, or are you further away? If you are off track, then course correction will be necessary. An eclipse can serve as the light in the shadows, reminding you what it is you came to this planet to accomplish.

An eclipse can serve as the light in the shadows, reminding you what it is you came to this planet to accomplish.

What’s more, this full moon and lunar eclipse is in the sign of Gemini, which means it will illuminate our ability to communicate efficiently and truthfully. As with all full moons and lunar eclipses, this one is directly opposing the sun, which is in the sign of Sagittarius. The energy of Sagittarius calls for freedom, exploration and an examination of our belief systems. These energies combined will really push us to get in touch with our needs, evaluate our beliefs using facts and communicate more effectively to encourage the changes we long to make. We are called to uncover the parts of ourselves that we believe are unworthy, to then enlighten them. 

Now that you know all about this magical eclipse, you are probably wondering how you can magnify this energy. First, keep in mind that full moons and lunar eclipses are a time for reflection, not reaction. Their energy is about allowing yourself to see and understand parts of you that need a little light. To master this is to bring love to those parts of you and accept them wholeheartedly, the way you would accept a child that recently misbehaved. Have you been putting down the part of yourself that is needy? Or the part of yourself that experiences jealousy, or pride?

If you have, take a step back and try to understand where those unwanted feelings are coming from. Were there times in your childhood when these same feelings came up? If so, reimagine those experiences and fill them with love. Give your little self a big hug, tell them that you understand, and allow yourself to let those feelings go. Nurture the parts of you that this eclipse’s energy pulls to the surface. Don’t deny them your energy, as that will only push them back into the shadows, and they could return more powerful and dangerous when the next eclipse occurs.

Use the energy of this eclipse to communicate your truth in a way that honors your soul—shadows and all.

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