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How To Choose A Halloween Costume That Aligns With Your Zodiac Sign

Grab your candy bags and vaxx cards for Halloween 2021! To help you on your costume-shopping journey, I’ve curated a list of the perfect Halloween costume for each zodiac sign. Feeling spooky?

While everybody’s feelings about this holiday vary (some of us get stressed out, like Pisces and Cancer, while others live for it, like Leo and Sagittarius), everyone knows Halloween is about having a good time and embracing our mischievous, shadowy sides. Halloween offers us an opportunity to pretend to be someone else and release our inhibitions as we howl at the moon, cast spells and dance into the wee hours. Just me??

Right now, memes and influencers dominate pop culture, so something that’s trendy in July or August may be passé come October 31. While last year’s (Zoom) Halloween parties were teeming with Carole Baskins and Joe Exotics, those trends feel worn and outdated. It’s time for 2021’s viral characters to take the stage—and given that we’ve all been online constantly for the past 18 months, we’ve got a LOT of material to consider.

In putting together this list of costumes for each zodiac sign, I’ve taken into consideration not only the ~vibe~ of each sign, but also how much effort they might like to put into their costumes. If you’re a type-A Virgo, for instance, you’ve probably already put your outfit together, but someone like Taurus will wait until an hour before the event to throw something on.

You gotta wear what works, babe. Stay safe and happy Halloween prepping!

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Cal Sport Media/AP Images.

Aries: A Team USA Olympian

What could be more fun for a driven, enthusiastic Aries than dressing up as one of the world’s greatest athletes? Think long-sleeved leotards, track suits or (if you’re feeling extra boujee) a tailored get-up reminiscent of the Ralph Lauren opening games attire. Channel Simone, Megan or Katie, but don’t attempt any feats of strength, OK? Leave that to the pros.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of UMG.

Taurus: Billie Eilish, At Any Stage

Taurus, dressing like Gen Z’s biggest star gives you options. You can appease your indulgent side and rock Billie’s luxurious pink corset from her Vogue cover, DIY her Met Gala gown or go with the nude pajamas and baseball cap she donned in the “Lost Cause” video for a cozier option. A throwback to her black-and-green hair era also works.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Gemini: Natasha Romanoff from Black Widow

Gemini’s perfect Halloween costume this year is Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson’s character has been an icon ever since she debuted in Iron Man 2 and her latest flick is no exception—both her black or white suits will be instantly recognizable,.


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of UMG.

Cancer: Ariana Grande’s “34 + 35” Music Video Look

Even though it feels like forever ago, Cancerian Ari’s “34 + 35” video came out in November of last year, just a little bit too late for Halloween 2020. Luckily, this video has plenty of looks to channel for Halloween 2021. Personally, I’m feeling the sexy scientist get-up, but there are plenty to pick from here (the fluffy 60’s lingerie is also incredible).


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Leo: Camila Cabello’s Cinderella

We all know you want to be the center of attention, Leo, so let’s get you dressed up in the flashiest outfit I can think of—Camila Cabello’s big, fluffy Cinderella dress. You’re going to need all the glittery tulle you can find, so start clipping your Joann Fabrics coupons now.


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Virgo: Wanda Maximoff from WandaVision

Wanda from WandaVision is undoubtedly one of the hottest costumes of the year. You keep up with the trends, Virgo, and with your meticulous nature, you can totally perfect either Wanda’s classic Scarlet Witch costume from Episode 6 or her adorable ’70s pregnancy look from Episode 3. This also makes a great couples costume with your honey (or BFF) as Vision.


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Sipa/AP Images

Libra: Tilda Swinton’s Cannes Film Festival Look

Or, frankly, any of the French Dispatch cast. The cast of Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch stole the show at Cannes this year with their wild array of looks (in aloof Libra fashion). Tilda’s angular blue suit was a favorite, but with three friends, you can easily imitate Timotheé Chalamet, Wes Anderson and Bill Murray’s respective looks, as well.


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of SixTwentySix Productions.

Scorpio: Doja Cat’s “Need to Know” Music Video Alien Look

Doja Cat is known for having amazing getups in her music videos (“Say So” is legendary), and her “Need to Know” video is no exception. With some teal body paint, tiny pigtails and a cutoff shirt, you get a (very Scorpio) combo of sexy and weird.


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of UMG.

Sagittarius: Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u” Cheerleader Outfit

You didn’t think we’d make a list of Halloween costumes without 2021’s darling, did you? Olivia’s fiery-yet-sweet look is perfect for you, Sag. You know how to burn everything to the ground when you need to, just like our girl. Hair clips, cheerleader outfit and gloves are on your shopping list.


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of Disney.

Capricorn: Emma Stone’s Cruella de Vil

Capricorn, embrace your reputation as a cruel workaholic and step into a luxe Cruella look. Emma Stone’s performance is sure to spawn thousands of imitators, so go hunting for that signature black-and-white wig now. Or, you know, dye your hair. I support you.


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

PA/AP Newsroom.

Aquarius: David Bowie

You Aquarians care not for norms, so why not embrace a throwback, androgynous look this year? David Bowie has multiple looks that are Halloween favorites—an easy pick would be his Aladdin Sane album cover (just need some face paint and a white tee) but if you’re feeling elaborate, his extremely ’80s Labyrinth look is your best option.


STYLECASTER | Zodiac Sign Halloween Costumes

Courtesy of WMG.

Pisces: Bella Poarch

Pisces, your perfect Halloween costume this year is one of TikTok’s favorite sweeties. Although her classic rosy cheeks, freckles and pigtails are a solid choice, consider going for the entire badass “Build a Bitch” look with matching bra, garters and axe. Be daring!

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