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How Jennifer Aniston Uses Down Time To Conjure Don’t Eff With Me Energy

We’ve all seen the paparazzi shots of Jennifer Aniston hanging in Cabo with friends. We’ve read all about her disciplined workouts that span yoga, cardio and strength training (and see the results in her Pin-worthy arms). Then there’s the constant carrying of water that makes it impossible to imagine she is anything but extremely hydrated at. all. times. Without actually knowing her at all, it’s hard not to think we already know exactly how Jennifer Aniston rolls.

But as it turns out, Hollywood’s picture of wellness and health packs a bit more fire and Epicureanism into her lifestyle than these snapshots allow. Ahead, the actress and Aveeno Global Brand Ambassador shares what we don’t see: the martinis and pasta included in her brand of self care, why she might (finally) join Instagram soon, and how she taps the power of intentions and friendships (in what the New York Times dubbed “goddess circles”) to conjure that don’t-eff-with-me energy.

jennifer aniston aveeno 2 How Jennifer Aniston Uses Down Time To Conjure Don’t Eff With Me Energy

Courtesy of Aveeno.

Allowing For Indulgence 

I think [self care] is a 70%-30% balance, in which you can absolutely enjoy yourself once in awhile. My 30% is indulgent and food and sun — it’s so boring, but Mexican food is my favorite indulgence. Mexican, Italian (pasta, pizza). I have a pizza oven so I’m learning how to make some pizzas and having my martini or margarita. I’m pretty basic.

Daily Glow Up

If I have a few minutes for self care, I meditate. Of the ultimate forms of self care, that one I noticed has the most effect for me — it just brings your mind to a halt.

I won’t look at my phone for an hour. I’ll do a great bath and a mask: I have so many different masks. Cellcosmet has a calming mask, which I love and have used for almost 20 years. I also use devices like Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar and ZIIP. Aveeno is everyday and I’ve used it for a long time. It’s a very affordable product, which is why [my family] used it. A lot of the fancy stuff is loaded with ingredients that isn’t necessarily good for your skin but costs a pretty penny. The Aveeno Positively Radiant Exfoliating Body Wash lives in the shower and I use Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, obviously — it actually does keep [your skin] juicy all day — and the sunscreen is everywhere [in my house].

Voicing your intention or writing it down somehow puts it out there in the universe, I’ve always believed.

Self-Care Splurge

I could fill a whole day [with self care activities]. If I have three hours or so — and I’m imagining I’m at a spa with my girlfriends — I do a body scrub, followed by some sort of eucalyptus mud wrap where I sweat a little bit and get a good cleanse, then a nice hour-and-a-half massage, followed by cocktails with my girlfriends by the pool.

Unleashing The Secret

[Setting intentions with your girlfriends in a safe space] is everything and I couldn’t put my finger on why except there’s something that I feel — and we all feel from each other — when we all leave a room after we’ve been in each other’s company, whether it’s having martinis and Italian food or doing some sort of [circle]. I think because we’re all made of cells and those cells get excited and come to life, like anything, and that creates a positive energy in your body and endorphins in your brain where you’re happy and joyful and your mood is uplifted and I dare you to f*ck with us.

 [I’ve done these gatherings throughout my life.] I moved to California from New York City and I was like this is what happens here? So now we do this? Really it was a rude awakening from 92nd and Columbus Avenue to Laurel Canyon and sage and talking sticks. 

Sometimes [our gatherings] are spontaneous, sometimes you do it on your own. We just happened to have one a couple of weeks ago for the fall equinox where we sat around and talked about what fall equinox means. Somehow just voicing your intention or writing it down somehow puts it out there in the universe, I’ve always believed.

jennifer aniston aveeno 1 How Jennifer Aniston Uses Down Time To Conjure Don’t Eff With Me Energy

Courtesy of Aveeno.

Finding Balance With or Without Social Media

I don’t know what it’s like to be fueled by social media so I don’t know the difference, but I’m sure if I ever do join Instagram or some sort of social media (which is possible, because it’s getting to me), I would have to figure out how to manage it in a way that wasn’t all consuming and was more of a creative expression or a self expression but not an overexposure of my insides, shall we say — literally and figuratively.

In our series “Operation Recharge,” we task celebrities and influencers with sharing what self-care means to them, as well as the activities, products and treatments they indulge in for downtime done right.


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