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How Briogeo Founder Nancy Twine Went From Goldman Sachs VP to Hair-Care Success Story

Photo: Courtesy of Nancy Twine

Watch the full conversation between Nancy Twine and Staff Writer Andrea Bossi on The Fashionista Network. (Paying network members who watch will be eligible to win Briogeo’s entire new product line.)

Nancy Twine‘s path into the beauty industry wasn’t straightforward: “I started my career in finance,” she told Andrea Bossi live on The Fashionista Network. (Watch it here!) “I was actually a finance major in undergrad and I ended up working at a big bank called Goldman Sachs for almost a decade.”

After her mom’s unexpected passing, Twine took a “soul-searching journey” to find a path to happiness, which led her to create hair-care brand Briogeo in 2013. It was inspired by fond childhood memories of her mother — who had a chemistry background — developing homemade beauty and personal-care products.

“[Briogeo] is rooted in ‘clean’ formulations, powerful formulas and sustainable packaging,” Twine said. “There’s something for everyone, and the brand over the last decade now has really grown and expanded beyond my imagination.” 

While Briogeo always had a strong message and unique positioning, the brand’s breakout moment didn’t happen until a year after its launch, when it landed a partnership with Sephora. “I’m forever indebted to Sephora because they took a bet on me before anyone else really did,” Twine said. “Because of that, we were able to really grow our brand and bring in so many incredible customers from around the world.”

In 2022, Briogeo experienced another major milestone when it was acquired by Wella Company. Having accumulated many professional stylists as loyal clients over the years, Twine wanted to push Briogeo into the salon space. In the full interview, she spoke further about how Wella Company‘s acquisition helped that happen.

Today, Briogeo continues to develop new products for all hair types, still made with natural ingredients. On June 23, the brand launches its first-ever styling collection, Style and Treat, which spans four products: an air-dry cream, styling foam, sleek stick and sculpting cream. In the full interview, Twine broke down the benefits of each product and how to use them. And as a bonus to our paying members, Briogeo is giving away product bundles from the new Style + Treat line to the first 5 who tune into the replay.

The beauty founder also left The Fashionista Network audience with advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “Just take baby steps and see where things start to unravel. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself and come up with this master business plan or have a pitch deck ready in two weeks. Just start setting some goals, taking the baby steps, and little by little, things will start to unravel organically.”

Watch the full interview here.

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