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Hey, Quick Question: Who Wants to Revisit Their Awkward Teenage Years With These Steve Madden Sandals?

The footwear brand is bringing back its iconic ’90s-era platforms with Urban Outfitters.

Steve Madden UO Exclusive Slinky Platform Sandal, $70, available here.

Welcome to our column, “Hey, Quick Question,” where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion and beauty industries. Enjoy!

Remember that time you sprained your ankle during the summer of ’98 at camp? Or when you were showing off your best ‘N Sync choreography at your local YMCA’s monthly dance mixer? How about those days when you hung out in your best friend’s basement and she invited boys over for the very first time? If you want to relive those awkward teenage years, you’ll need the proper footwear: Steve Madden‘s iconic ’90s slinky platform sandals, of course.

Oh, don’t pretend you don’t remember exactly how those stretchy bands of fabric felt across the tops of your feet. You can totally recall the go-to outfit you wore with them: denim capri pants, a spaghetti-strap tank top in baby blue and a black Kate Spade Sam (or, more realistically, a knockoff of said bag). For fancier occasions, you’d wear a spaghetti strap tank dress.

Steve Madden UO Exclusive Slinky Platform Sandal, $70, available here.

For summer 2019, the footwear brand is bringing back its iconic ’90s-era sandal with Urban Outfitters. You can grab a pair in the classic black color if you’d like to literally step into a time warp. But the brand is also offering options in on-trend hues, like slime green and neon pink. Not into the slide version? You’re in luck! Steve Madden is releasing a platform thong version that looks perfect for spawning plenty of ankle injuries, too. Now where did we put those capri pants?

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